An Emmegi Precision TS2 electronic saw which can cut to 280 positions per degree is bringing even higher levels of cutting accuracy to the Choices Aluminium manufacturing operation at CWG Choices in Corby.

The aluminium fabricator, which produces a huge range of windows, doors and curtain walling products in AluK, Smarts and Kestrel profiles, says that it chose the Emmegi saw because precision cutting is so critical to the quality of its output.

The twin head, three axes saw is linked to CWG’s production office and controlled remotely to achieve cutting accuracy to 0.1mm. It offers angled cutting to 45° inwards and 15° outwards, and a patented innovation by Emmegi achieves both virtual rotation of the cutting units on the saw and absolute rigidity so that positioning and profile blocking are always accurate.

Jason Wilder, Managing Director of CWG Choices, said:   “The new saw perfectly complements the Emmegi Phantomatic machining centre which we installed last year. That had taken us to new levels of accuracy in our routing and drilling and now we are matching that with the accuracy of our cutting.

PR133 CWG Choices has chosen an Emmegi saw and machining centre for its Choices Aluminium fabrication set up 1

“We produce lots of specialist, complex products in aluminium such as triple track sliders, multi-fold doors and electronically controlled entrances which demand very high levels of quality and precision and, with the machinery investments we have made, we are consistently achieving that.

“Whichever sector we’re working in, we always make sure that we choose the best product for us and for our customers. As we have demonstrated with Emmegi, that applies just as much to our choice of machinery as it does to the choice of PVC-U and aluminium profiles we use.”

The Emmegi Phantomatic T3A three axes machining centre was supplied and installed at CWG Choices in 2014. It contains an angular machining head and a saw blade for machining on all five faces of the workpiece and comes with an eight piece tool magazine. It also has an automatically positioned clamp unit and a high torque 5.5kW electro-spindle.

Ian Latimer, Managing Director of Emmegi (UK) added: “Increasingly, fabricators are recognising that the quality of the cut is just as important as the quality of the machining so we’re seeing an increase in demand for saws like the Precision TS2. It is the perfect partner for any of our machining centres.”