Picture above: Photo – SBZ 122/71

City Concepts Ltd is pursuing operational excellence and gaining a competitive advantage over its competitors after purchasing an elumatec SBZ 122/71 and DG79 double mitre saw.

By focusing on faster and more efficient ways of satisfying its customers’ needs, City Concepts has been able to position itself as one of the industry’s leading suppliers.

Director Paul Dackombe and business partner Jamie Greig decided to move into manufacturing at the beginning of the year.

The purchase of the state of art CNC machine and the computer controlled double mitre saw have given them total control over the quality process, guaranteeing customers product excellence.

Neil Parton, Sales Director, elumatec

“One of the best things about having our own glazing system is the amount of control we have over our quality and delivery”, Paul Dackombe said. “We stock three colours of profiles as standard (black, white and grey) which means we can accommodate our clients if they need a quick turnaround”.

“Thanks to elumatec, we now fully control the quality process from start to finish, ensuring nothing leaves our manufacturing facility without going through a rigorous quality control check”.

City Concepts Ltd have acquired elumatec’s cutting-edge SBZ 122/71 CNC, designed for complex milling, routing, and drilling, and the double mitre saw DG79, which features pivoting range adjustment of the saw heads from 0° to 45° to the left and right, making external and internal dimension cuts possible. The bed can handle profiles of up to 6 meters.

City Concepts is a vibrant commercial fit-out contractor. The company specialises in glazing systems, timber door sets, tea points and copy point joinery, and contractors’ design among other areas, but it is predominantly a glazed and drywall partitioning contractor delivering work in commercial office space within London.

“Here at City Concepts, we are obsessed about perfection and customer satisfaction.” Paul continued. “elumatec simply enables us to do more, and to deliver high performing products for our clients.”

“Our glazing system is now fully fabricated and quality checked in our West Sussex factory thanks to our new CNC SBZ 122/71, which allows us to carry out all of our milling in-house”.

“This adds a massive feather to our cap. It gives us total ownership over the quality of our manufacturing, as well as ensuring greater controls of lead times, giving us a massive advantage over our competitors” Paul commented.

“We are always looking at ways to improve the service we offer our clients, whether that be through the use of technology or going back to basics. We are proud to say we are the best in the market, and we strive for our success and the success of our customers”.

For more information call 01908 580 800 or visit www.elumatec.co.uk

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