elumatec is launching several brand new machines in 2016, the first of which is the ES-TXR 3/2 Corner Transom Cleaner.

This latest edition to elumatec’s range of premium quality machines for working UPVC is a totally new machine concept. Designed specifically to meet the most up-to-date production requirements of the UK’s UPVC fabricator the ES TXR-3/2 is a three + two axis cleaner for welded transoms/crucifix and corners.

It offers fully automatic cleaning of corners, transoms and crucifix welds and the visible surfaces of UPVC window frames and sashes. It also cleans the outer corners, gasket areas and inner corners. Crucifix cleaning is done with just one clamping operation.

Achieving consistent accuracy and quality of finish are key factors of any elumatec machine and the ES TXR-3/2 delivers a very high standard of cleaning thanks to its sprung loaded knife units.

Production efficiency is supported by the machine’s flexible tooling options. This comes from its 7-fold, servo controlled, turret system top and bottom; outer contour machining is achieved via a 180mm diameter contour milling disc. The ES TXR-3/2 features automatic identification of the profile corner/transom and crucifix by scanning the overlap top and bottom, width and height.

The operator controls the machine’s Windows operating software via its touch screen monitor. The position of the machining can be automatic or modified via this graphic terminal, which also offers a visual diagnostic menu and a range of programming features. Networking is possible via the Ethernet interface.

To meet the technical specifications of today’s UPVC profile systems, the ES TXR-3/2 has a minimum window size (inner clear dimension) of 170 x 170 mm. This allows the fabricator to produce a broader range of window designs, often being able to replicate heritage styles in UPVC.

Standard equipment includes: top and bottom gasket drills, inner corner knives, grooving knives and an outer contour saw blade with optional tooling units for bevel and radius cleaning.

Phil Heavey, managing director of elumatec UK said: “This all new model is an outstanding example of our range of machines for working UPVC and demonstrates why elumatec is renowned for its future-facing machine designs. The ES TXR-3/2 will be on display at the FIT Show in April along with other working machine models.”

For more information or a demonstration of the ES TXR-3/2 corner-transom cleaner contact elumatec on 01908 580800 or email sales@elumatec.co.uk