When the decision was made to recruit and develop the sales team, Andy Jones Managing Director of Edgetech IG’s  first phone call was to Bill Pratt of Ten Human Resources.

Andy explains:

We are lucky as we have an excellent employment track record, and staff development and training is of paramount importance to our business as we move forward.

Our team is extremely stable, and I would hope to think are satisfied and generally happy in their roles. No job situation is ever perfect, and that goes for any employer or employee. Communication is encouraged through all departments, and we strive to understand employee issues inside work and outside work should they need to share them.

Ten Human Resources were the obvious company to approach with our needs in relation to maintaining stability during the recruitment process and team development. They immediately understood the requirement and sensitivity when recruiting new members for the external sales team.

Furthermore and of paramount importance was their in-depth knowledge of the market and of what we actually did. They know our product, they know how it is marketed, they know how it is sold, they know what our products do, they know how our customers use our product, and they know how the consumer benefits by having our product in their home!!

Identifying the right calibre of individual proved to be quick clean and cost effective, this was not a surprise to me, as Bill from Ten had been working in the window industry for over twenty years before forming the agency.

We gave Jude at Ten HR the brief, and timescale which was quite a tall order, but the assignment was completed on time, even with unforeseen complications along the way.

Jon Edwards started with company in January and has settled in very quickly, I am sure I do not need to finish by saying that Ten HR will continue to work with Edgetech for any future requirements.

Bill comments:

I have known Andy and Alan for many years and it was a pleasure working with them, something I look forward to doing again when the opportunity arises.