Specialist IGU and conservatory roof supplier, Double R Glass & Roofing Systems is pleased to offer at no extra cost, a 20-year warranty on its insulated glass units, providing a strong downstream sales tool for its fabricator and installer customers alike.

Ian Sims, Managing Director of Double R, explains: “A 20-year warranty is a great sales tool for installers selling to the homeowner, because what better assurance of quality than the promise to replace the unit if it fails at any time in the next 20 years? Similarly, for fabricators, the ability to offer this warranty to installer customers is a valuable tool to have in their armoury.

“We are able to offer this 20-year warranty, at no extra cost, through our membership of Edgetech’s Super Spacer Dealership scheme and as long as our customers sign up to the free fabricator or installer Dealership programmes as appropriate, they can benefit from the extended warranty. By signing up to the scheme they also have access to a whole host of additional marketing materials too, but whether they use that or not, they can still enjoy the benefit of the warranty.”

“We want to build long term relationships with our customers and our offering is built around that. That’s why we offer a wide range of quality glass and conservatory roof products, excellent service built on solid relationships and of course this 20-year warranty.“

For more information visit www.glassandroofs.com or call 01933 443658