On Day 4 of their INNOVATiON week, DoorCo has announced that 6 farmhouse stable door designs will be added to both their GRiPCORE and ORiGINAL range.

DoorCo’s Technical and Sales Manager, Ian Glenister to discusses the additions:

Customer-led INNOVATiON

“We’ve been discussing the concept of stable doors with customers for some time but it’s important to us that all of our innovations are done to the standards synonymous with the DoorCo product range. Therefore, we’ve taken time to ensure that not only are our new stable doors of the best possible quality, but also deliver the right variety to our customers. We’re proud to now be able to announce that stable doors will be available in both ORiGINAL and GRiPCORE, in 6 farmhouse styles in both: solid, Belfry, Pevero, Sunningdale, Merion and Merion 4 Grid.”

Engineering done right.  

“Our intention is that the new stables doors will have a positive impact on our customers fabrication process and therefore the quality of the finished product. Quite often, when it comes to foam-filled stable doors, many competitors will machine a standard foam slab in half, remove foam and re-fill to seal off. For us, this didn’t feel like the right way of doing things, so we’ve created a specific foam-filled slab for stable doors that has a solid PVC rail across the centre, meaning the door is properly sealed on both sides when machined.”

“As for GRiPCORE, the beauty of a door containing timber is that once machined, the timber provides enough rigidity to remove the need for an additional PVC rail, meaning our new hybrid timber foam core is suitable for machining without modification.”

Collaboration at our core  

“To complete the product offering we’ve collaborated with Winkhaus and Stormguard to bring the final stable door design together.

“Winkhaus has created the lock that accompanies the stable door whilst Stormguard have supplied the stable door kit which comprises of 2 x concealed fix drip bars and 2 x overlapping profiles, both with end caps. Put all the components together and we now have a high-quality, efficient solution for our network of fabricators wanting to supply homes with stable doors.

Designs to suit every home 

“The new stable doors are available in a range of designs and colours, including some classic countryside designs from our existing traditional range. Our own data and conversations with customers indicate that these styles are the ones likely to be in the most demand. The farmhouse solid blank is at the core of the range, with 6 designs in total, and will be available in white/tan from stock or painted to any colour using our PAiNT range.”

To discover more about the DoorCo stable door range, view the mini brochure here: https://www.paperturn-view.com/uk/doorco/stable-doors-mini-brochure?pid=ODc8764789

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