Martin Dickie in the factory1Door-Stop has issued a Customer Service Charter. It sets out what installers who buy from Door-Stop can expect, and what to do if things go wrong. The charter outlines Door-Stop’s promise of good service, high standards and a fast, reliable response to queries. It’s written in plain English, jargon free and simple to understand.

Problems at Door-Stop are rare – its  unique ‘If it’s late it’s free’ guaranteed 3  day delivery is a good indicator of normal high standards – but the Charter promises if and when problems do occur they will be dealt with as efficiently and quickly as possible.

The Customer Service Centre (, launched last year, is the first port of call for customers with an issue to raise. With just a couple of clicks customers can report a problem at any time of night or day and know that it’s been logged, and the right person will be alerted to help.

“The new Charter goes further,” says Martin Dickie, Business Unit Manager. “It sets out the standards of service customers can expect and how long it will take for their issue to be acknowledged and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. We’ll acknowledge within 2 hours and resolve it within 72 hours.” If Door-Stop’s customers aren’t happy with the progress of their query they can call Martin Dickie directly on 01623 446390.

To see the Charter for yourself visit