Sales Manager icon-PRINTA number of people have woken up to the need for 24/7 ordering – but very few have made it quick or easy to use. Door-Stop has now gone one step further with its new “24/7 Sales Manager” website plug-in. This allows fabricators and installers to use online ordering and pricing for composite doors on their own websites, linking to Door-Stop production in the same way does.

“The 24/7 Sales Manager has been developed by our long-term digital agency partner, The Consultancy, to another dimension to customers’ sales and marketing,” explains Managing Director Nick Dutton. “It is a revolutionary tool, a simple to use plug-in which slots seamlessly into existing websites. It gives fabricators and installers customers their own version of the Door-Stop configurator making it easy for their trade or homeowner clients to design, order and pay for the door they want, at any time of day or night. Our customers approve each order before it goes to Door-Stop, giving them control of the process.

“If installers prefer not to divulge prices to homeowners, they don’t have to – their customers can use the door designer and request a quote at the end, or they can pay a deposit and request an appointment for someone to measure the door. It offers complete flexibility and control – you can allow your customers as much or as little information as you like.”

The 24/7 Sales Manager streamlines ordering giving simple-to-access feedback on what’s selling, who’s buying and which sales promotions are working best. Prices and margins, the range offered, the names of the products, payment, who you sell to, what they’re ordering – can all be controlled via Door Vault, the secure customer area on It can even be used offline, too.

Nick adds: “It does the job of a Sales Manager, 24/7, 52 weeks a year, for just 5p an hour – freeing up your own team to develop sales and contacts!”