I have been tweeting and writing about it for quite a while now but finally my new home, DGB v3.0 has now gone live!

The initial response from you all has been great and for that I am very grateful! I have also been keen to listen to your feedback on previous versions of my site.

Many of you have commented that my previous versions of Double Glazing Blogger have been rather dark and at times difficult to read. I have listened and have made sure that the new version is a much brighter affair that is easy on the eye and hopefully nice and easy to navigate!

Also, an inherent issue with my previous versions is that news posts on other subjects such as Green Deal and CE Marking tend to get lost quickly as new posts are updated daily. This new version allows me to cover important industry issues far easier, more in-depth and more concisely. The new version is far more content-rich and should make it easier to find older posts that you may want to read again!

I also now have my own little logo!

Address: www.doubleglazingblogger.com

I have had my site for over four years now and not once have I ever had on official logo, moniker or anything else which gives the site any branding! So, I had to put this right with the new version and this logo now sits proudly at the top of every DGB web page! It may change from time to time as my site evolves in the future.

My site has evolved a lot from when I first started back in March 2009. It started as a place to shout my mouth off, but has now become one of the main industry websites with much, much more than just my daily rants and criticisms! I want to thank everyone that has read my site, left comments, tweeted links, promoted my posts and everyone who has been kind enough to sponsor the site over the past four and a bit years. Without your interaction and involvement the site would be nothing like what it is today and for that I am grateful!

I hope that you all continue to keep coming back to see what I have to say, whether you agree with me or not! And of course your feedback on my new site is always welcome!