Distinction Doors GlassDistinction Doors is the home of the composite door slab and for Drew Wright, the company’s Managing Director, it means the company has a simple purpose. “We are a ‘one stop shop’ for fabricators to get door blanks, glazing cassettes and all their decorative glass.” It sounds simple, but behind that statement a wealth of thought has gone into providing a genuinely valuable offering.

Let’s take the decorative glass as an example. Distinction recognises that decorative glass helps elevate a standard composite door into something that’s more than just a front door. Drew Wright says, “We devoted a lot of effort to researching the range we designed and offer to our customers.” The result is 12 ranges that cover traditional, modern and contemporary styles, all coloured to complement the colours within the composite door range. Drew describes the range as, “Not too many that the end user can’t make their mind up, but enough to give a real choice.”

The good looks of the decorative glass units are backed up with a wealth of facts and figures to give the homeowner peace of mind. All the decorative insulated glass units are triple glazed and supplied as standard with toughened safety glass inner and outer panes tested and certified to EN12150. The option to choose use Low E coated glass internal panes or laminated external panes (tested to EN14449) is also available. Furthermore all decorative units are manufactured to EN1279 and are CE marked, satisfying industry requirements and offer a 10 year warranty against premature breakdown. The combination of Distinction’s door blank, unique snap fit glazing cassette system and decorative insulated glass units comply and exceed with ease current building regulations so that door sets are within the 1.8 W/mtr2 K for England and Wales and 1.6 W/mtr2 K in Scotland.

The standard insulated triple glazed units in its standard form versus standard double glazed non Low E provides enhanced heat and sound insulation. But more than that, it provides protection for the decorative glass centre pane which is encapsulated between the inner and outer panes, protecting it from lead oxidisation and preventing the build-up of dust on bevels to provide ease of cleaning when required.
The choice for customers to specify laminated glass provides them the ability to meet the requirements of Secured By Design without compromising the cosmetic appearance. A Low E option is also available for those who want to demonstrate even more advanced thermal performance from their door set.
Of course, supply is critical for fabricators. As Drew Wright says, “It’s one thing to offer the range, and another to ensure that there is continuity of supply, which we recognise is so important to our customers.” That’s why the company has invested over £750,000 into its new insulated decorative triple glazed unit range, and now holds in excess of 25,000 of the variants in stock.

Finally, the entire package is backed up with marketing support with access to a wealth of material and images. A high quality and appealing coffee table style marketing brochure showcases the units as affordably aspirational and helps installers to clinch sales.

In short, in its decorative glass, as in all areas of its business, Distinction is showing that it really means business.