Deceuninck Arnold Deceuninck Visit

Arnold Deceuninck, Vice Chairman of Deceuninck nv, visited the UK this week to meet Roy Frost, the new UK Managing Director. The visit took place shortly after Roy’s plan for growth in the UK was approved by the main board and a significant investment to help achieve it was signed off, so it was the perfect opportunity for Roy to take Arnold through it in more detail.

The ambitious strategy has been designed to double market share within the next four years. “It was great to meet Arnold and take him through the strategy and plan. I was delighted to see he was as excited by them as I am,” said Roy. “I can’t go into too much detail at present, but I can say they are designed to help our fabricator and installer customers grow, as well as attract disillusioned fabricators and installers who want to work with a systems partner who can help them increase sales.”

He added, “We have some great products, and we have more in the pipeline. My background with Everest means I know about generating leads and selling to homeowners and I want Deceuninck to be a company that helps businesses reach their full potential, no matter what the state of the market.”

It’s been seven difficult years since Arnold’s last visit, and succeeding in today’s market is harder than ever for fabricators, installers and systems companies. Deceuninck recognises how difficult the market is now, and we’ve already made a lot of changes in the UK to help customers compete more effectively and grow. Roy Frost plans to take those changes to the next level in the UK market and make Deceuninck a formidable systems company partner. “If there are any frustrated fabricators reading this who believe they have the potential to double their own sales and are being held back by their systems suppliers’ attitudes or problems, call me on 07808 365234 today.”