I read with interest the latest findings from Palmer and his forecasts for the continued growth of composite doors through to 2020 when he says they’ll represent two thirds of the market. It’s obviously great news for the industry – remember just a few years ago at the height of recession when our sector was staring down the barrel of a gun?

Growth markets present their own challenges and suppliers have the responsibility to ensure that they’ve invested strategically and in advance of market demand to ensure that downstream customers get the service, products, quality and innovation they need to meet the growth. This is precisely what DOORCO has been doing over the last 3 years, achieving a total investment close on to £5million in the UK and Korea. Indeed, the original decision to establish our own production facility in Korea  – which has capacity for  >900 doors per day – is now bearing fruit thanks to the fact it’s completely independent. The brand has no controlling suppliers/investors dictating UK policy, meaning that all elements of the business are decided by DOORCO only.

Thanks to this tight supply chain integration, DOORCO’s focus on prepped door business for the next 12 months is to raise bar on our customer service and delivery on robust operational targets, whilst staying at the forefront of product quality and new innovation. Our recent investment made into a second new paint line and other machinery removes any bottle necks experienced in 2016, and allows us to provide a better level of service whilst welcoming new customers to DOORCO.

DOORCO’s strategy has never been a case of big ‘for the sake of it’. We’ve grown strategically to continue to meet the needs of all our customers – small, medium and large. It’s a journey that started over 4 years ago, and part of a well thought out, considered – and even cautious – overall strategy. To enable customers to continue to grow and for us to accept new customers (from prepped to container) has always been our aim.

The shape of the composite door market has shifted significantly in recent years. Gone are the days of one large supplier with complete control over the sector. Markets with multiple suppliers mean choice and a far healthier market for everyone. It’s a great endorsement to see Palmer’s report underpinning DOORCO’s strategy to support customers through investment, something that will benefit all of us if we get it right.

Dan Sullivan. DOORCO MD