This year, sees Bystronic glass customer, Cwmtillery Glass, take possession of its second Speedline to enable the company to streamline production methods and further increase output by over 40%. Demand for the company’s warm edge spacer and soft coated units for windows and conservatory roof glass has continued to escalate meaning investment in a second line was essential.

Cwmtillery Glass has gone from strength to strength since it was launched by Paul Hayward, in 1996 from a small manufacturing unit in the Ebbw Valley in Wales. He maintains a no nonsense approach to business and believes very much in the philosophy of keeping things simple and investing in quality.

The company’s portfolio comprises high quality processed glass units which are supplied to the domestic sector nationally. From its humble beginnings, the company has remained faithful to its roots but now produces 3,000 units a day in one of the most modern glass processing sites in the country.

As a company, Cwmtillery Glass boasts a very loyal customer base which Paul considers can be attributed to quality standards and exceptional customer care with more than 136 people now employed. The 55,000 sq ft production facility is equipped with some of the most advanced machinery on the market today, which is predominantly the Bystronic brand.

The long-term efficiency of the company was vital for Paul when making the investment in a second Speedline. When looking at the future he has ambitions for the company with a desire to double the company’s capacity over the next five years. For the Ebbw Vale based company there were a number of key benefits provided by the Bystronic equipment that provide lasting advantages and will help to take the company further forward to achieve that goal.

Positive Impact

The positive impact the initial Bystronic Speedline brought to production was staggering according to Paul, who considered this second purchase a ‘lifetime investment’ as the reliability of the equipment could not be matched. Other than a furnace and horizontal washing machine virtually every other piece of equipment installed is emblazoned with the Bystronic blue logo.

The Bystronic pedigree had already proved itself with the build and quality of the engineering helping the company to grow into a fully automated supplier. An initial Bystronic sealing robot was followed by cutting tables, loaders and IGU lines which have consequently enabled the company to achieve record results. As a result, the relationship with the Bystronic team is considered more of an alliance than a customer – supplier association.

“Getting things right is vital and it is a huge part of the decision making process for me. We can only do that on equipment that works reliably. Bystronic has never let us down and the initial Speedline installation has brought such an incredible return on investment.” he comments.

This installation brings substantial time saving benefits in a number of ways including internal efficiency as nothing can be lost.

Paul continues, “We have been able to restructure the company, take on new staff but also reduce shifts, however, we can put these back if needed. Our entire manufacturing procedure is incredibly fast now, which is helping us to reduce costs all round.”

Trust and Reliability

Over the last 21 years the company has grown substantially and Paul believes that this can be put down to customer care and reliable engineering.

“For a company such as this, we need to know that we can rely upon our supplier if we have to change things quickly. Quality engineering is inextricably linked into this business. Our working relationship with the Bystronic team is more of a partnership and it is one we trust in implicitly,” he concludes.

For Steve Powell, Managing Director at Bytronic glass UK Ltd, providing the highest standard products is a corporate philosophy that is mirrored at the leading machinery supplier.

He comments, “Bystronic glass provides customers with efficient tailor-made solutions that will achieve optimum results. We also believe our engineering support is vital for our customers and we invest in our team to provide those customers with excellent services and technical advice both during installation and in after sales field work.”

For more information on the range of Bystronic or Helga products available please call either 01952 677971 or 01908 261933