Cwmtillery Glass based in South Wales has recently further streamlined production with the installation of a HEGLA Optimax cutting table with laser technology and two loading systems comprising a double sided loader and a shuttle loader, providing the double sided loader with considerably more glass types. The investment has enabled the company to increase cutting productivity and works in unison with the two Bystronic I G Speedlines that were installed last year.

With demand increasing for the various glass types manufactured at the company, Managing Director Paul Hayward, wanted to simplify production methods and increase efficiency down the production line.

The investment in the HEGLA Optimax system, with laser technology enables Cwmtillery Glass to deliver a broader product range in a considerably shorter timescale. Staff are now deployed elsewhere so that their technical expertise can be put to better use, while flow-through and output on the production floor have increased considerably.

Technically, the Optimax cutting table now speeds up the whole manufacturing process and enables the company to automatically load and cut a more varied range of glass types the introduction of laser marking on the table has allowed alternative production methods within Cwmtillery that have increased output. The HEGLA team’s extensive industry understanding ensured that the right products could easily fit into the facility and that they would work seamlessly with the existing Bystronic equipment.

The advanced cutting and loading system includes greater health and safety guarantees with the machines fully fenced to current standards and electro mechanically interlocked.   The loader is sequenced fully automatically with the cutting table instructions via the cutting code. This all ensures that the quality of glass is improved so there are fewer scratches during production.

HEGLA’s experience and skills enabled the team to create a fully tailored design which was an essential aspect to this particular project, with lead engineer, Greg Smith creating a bespoke programme that connected the laser to the cutting table. The assembly process was considered ‘perfect’ by Paul Hayward, who was impressed with the speed of the team, as installation, commissioning and training of the new system was completed within 3 weeks.

Cwmtillery Glass’ portfolio comprises high quality processed glass units which are supplied to the domestic sector nationally, producing in one of the most modern glass processing sites in the country.

Long-term efficiency was essential when making the investment with the laser technology simplifying the whole production process and the Optimax cutting table allowing for larger batch sizes to be cut more quickly.

Positive Results

The HEGLA pedigree has already had a positive impact with the speed and reliability having already proved itself, as Cwmtillery further automates its methods and the company has achieved excellent results on the back of this. Consequently, the relationship with the Bystronic glass and HEGLA team is firmly established as a partnership rather than customer/supplier.

Paul comments “It is essential to know I can get things right and to get that done quickly, which can only be achieved on machinery that is reliable. Neither Bystronic nor HEGLA have ever let us down and this latest installation has brought us real time saving benefits in a number of ways including internal efficiency.”

The initial CAD drawings enabled the production department to visualise how the Optimax could be accommodated into the factory unit, which resulted in a carefully planned adjustment to the floor design. When the machines were delivered and installed, manufacturing was not disrupted, with downtime minimised.

Paul continues, “Since installation the HEGLA equipment has proved its worth many times over. The after sales care from the engineering team is superb, so any issues we had with the machinery were sorted immediately.”

Confident Customer Care

Customer care and reliable engineering is vital for Cwmtillery Glass and quality engineering is interwoven into the business.

Steve Goble, Managing Director at HEGLA UK, comments, “Our high engineering standards are mirrored in this project – tailored solutions that will achieve optimum results remains our priority. Our engineering team knowledge is second to none and this was reflected here with excellent technical advice and software programming produced specifically for Cwmtillery Glass.”

For more information on the HEGLA Optimax, laser technology and automatic loading systems please call 01908 261933.

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