AluFoldDirect is seeing a significant trend towards aluminium windows, and a growing percentage are large or unusually shaped windows. Customers benefit from AluFoldDirect’s precise manufacturing and fast lead times of 1 week unglazed, 2 weeks glazed.

Triangular windows are an area where AluFoldDirect can make a difference. “These are hyper-modern and a real alternative to leaded lights, but require a detailed level of hand-made craftsmanship because every window needs different angles,” explains Craig Miller, Managing Director at AluFoldDirect.

“For each window, we have to work out the exact geometry and hand make the bracketing before we fabricate the window. In theory, it’s time-consuming and fiddly, but by applying the same process we use across all of our windows we can do them quickly and do them well.”

Gable windows are increasingly popular in aluminium, because the thin profile and choice of colours gives a slimline profile that maximises the glazing area. AluFoldDirect typically fabricates up to 3-4 metres wide and 10 metres tall.

A choice of profile gives installers and builders even greater flexibility. In addition to its slim window profile, many people prefer the square cut curtain walling appearance. These frames go up from ground level to cover all the floors and then shape to a point on top, for example in the loft space.

With its recent move to a new 35,000 sq ft factory in Blackburn, AluFoldDirect has created a dedicated window manufacturing area for customers. The company has invested in a bigger saw, enabling cutting of larger profiles to meet demand for gables.

Like all AluFoldDirect products, customers simply measure the exact aperture once ready and send the dimensions. They’ll then receive it within 1 week unglazed or 2 weeks glazed, direct to site.