Anyone going along to the REAL Aluminium stand at the FIT Show (N20) is sure to pay more than just a flying visit.

The team at REAL Aluminium is encouraging everyone to join them for the challenge of all challenges – to find out who can fly their paper plane the furthest in the REAL Paper Plane Challenge contest!

In the run up to the show, Customade has been talking all about REAL Aluminium and how it can make the move into aluminium ‘as easy as child’s play’ for installers. And now, Customade is encouraging all those paper enthusiasts out there to fold and construct a paper plane and enter a competition to see how far they can fly it. The competition has been developed to stress to installers that their businesses can really fly when they make the leap in to aluminium.

SocialGraphics5Over the next few weeks, Customade is inviting everyone to capture the distance that their paper plane can fly on a video. The attempts can be uploaded on to Twitter using #FLYWITHREAL and the longest distances will be recorded on Customade’s leader board.

Visitors to the FIT Show can also get in on the action by flying their very own REAL plane down a specially designed runway on the REAL Aluminium stand. The overall winner of the contest will be announced on day three of the show.

The competition will be the finalé of an imaginative FIT Show campaign by Customade – ‘Fly with REAL’. The campaign underlines the core message of REAL – aluminium can be as easy as child’s play and installers can fly ahead with aluminium.



Claire Miller, Customade Group marketing manager, explains more: “This competition is terrific fun and we’re hoping that there will be a lot of big kids out there sharing in the excitement before and during the show. Tension is building and I know that there’s already plenty of rivalry between contestants as they try to craft the winning plane.

“REAL Aluminium has strived to make aluminium as easy as possible to help installers to make the most of this lucrative opportunity. We want to get the industry talking about this campaign, which has a really nostalgic theme, and we want to make a lot of noise about our REAL Aluminium brand. REAL Aluminium can help installer’s businesses to fly and it just doesn’t need to be complicated.”

As well as testing their flying skills, visitors to the Customade stand will discover more about REAL Aluminium which has made the process of promoting, quoting, selling and ordering aluminium easier than ever before. REAL Aluminium has already helped hundreds of installers to fly ahead with everything they need to promote and sell the most extensive range of aluminium windows, doors and lantern roofs on board.

REAL Aluminium is an industry-leading solution to overcome all the hurdles that installers face with aluminium and to make sourcing aluminium as easy as buying PVC-u. With REAL Aluminium, installers can benefit from lead times on standard profile of just two weeks.

To enter the REAL Paper Plane Challenge, simply download a free plane template from or email to request a plane pack.

To find out more about REAL Aluminium, please call 01453 826884 or visit