A recent investment in equipment from Bystronic Glass UK is set to further raise the corporate profile of Custom Glass. After substantial investment by the Liverpool based company, the installation of a Comfort Line is expected to set a benchmark for the industry that will also further improve the company’s market position as one of the UK’s leading glass processors.

Custom Glass has achieved substantial growth since it was established in 1982 as one of the country’s main manufacturers of domestic glass and toughened safety glass in the North West.   Since Jeff Hooson took over as Managing Director, with more than 40 years experience in the sector under his belt, there have been considerable changes for the better.

Consequently, the new 2.3 x 3.5 m Bystronic system will help to further automate production methods and increase efficiency to provide consistently high quality products. Recognised for excellent service and quality, Custom Glass produces glass products for both the commercial and domestic markets offering a diverse range of glass solutions.

With a product portfolio that comprises various types of coated glasses senior management considered it vital to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, to take the company forward. With previous investments having been made in modern Bystronic machinery, the new IG line needed to run at the right speed alongside other production lines, whilst also having the ability to cope with larger commercial units.

Jeff Hooson, Managing Director, Custom Glass comments, “Because of the assortment of products that we manufacture our machinery must be able to adapt to handle all sizes and shapes. This new system is extremely user friendly as it constantly calibrates itself so whatever comes down the line is automatically recognised.”

Tailored Solutions Make Lasting Impressions

The system replaces an older line used for domestic products which could not accommodate larger shapes for commercial applications. One aspect which impressed the Custom Glass team, during the purchasing process, was the tailored solutions which were meticulously created to ensure the system could fit into an extremely small production area.

Jeff Hooson continues, “We were so impressed when Paul Gibbs and the engineering team managed to shoehorn the line into a very small space. After installation there was less than an inch in height difference with the roof of the production floor.

Having tried other brands previously, there is now excellent quality consistency with the ‘Comfort Line’ system, and thanks to better after sales service packages we were naturally drawn to invest further in the Bystronic range.

As a company we have always been progressive with a view to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for glass supplies. As time has passed we have become more automated and with each investment it has improved standards not just for us but for our customers. The first Bystronic line included hotmelt sealing robots which was one of the first systems of its kind in the UK. The company has proved itself as a supplier and I have not been disappointed in the investment – the system runs very well indeed.”

Being a Founding Director of the National Glass Group it was inevitable that Jeff Hooson approached group members to evaluate and discuss the best products for Custom Glass. Subsequently, further investment in Bystronic and Hegla products has been made with cutting and washing solutions due to be installed later in the year.

Consistent Quality

Quality, high performance production standards and customer satisfaction remain a priority for the company. With industry regulations and market sectors continually changing in relation to glass and glass products, investment in modern, reliable equipment was imperative.

Jeff continues, “The capabilities of the Comfort line suits the dynamics of this company and our business plan. Paul clearly defined the key benefits and we believe that the Bystronic equipment is the best on the market. The company took a forward thinking approach when evaluating our needs and this will help us to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Production at Custom Glass will increase considerably and product diversification with larger shapes will inevitably follow. The Bystronic Glass reputation is first class and we know that we can supply our customers with consistently high quality products. We believe that our reputation will be further enhanced by our association with the Bystronic and Hegla brands.”

Operating out of 100,000 sq ft manufacturing facility Custom Glass provides a broad range of products and services to the fenestration and glazing sector. As one of the largest independent glass manufacturers in the UK, the company offers a broad portfolio for commercial and domestic applications, details of which can be found on the website: www.customglass.co.uk

Paul Gibbs, Sales Consultant, Hegla UK comments, “We consider we provide superior products and services which reflect our corporate philosophy of working alongside customers to ensure they achieve their targets. We have developed a strong working relationship with Custom Glass and feel confident about the new installation.”

For more information on the glass solutions available from the Bystronic Hegla Preferred Partnership please call one of the team on 01908 251933 or 01952 677971