With glass being the material of the moment for exterior cladding the CRL Langle Al-Wall® system makes installation quick and simple.

Providing a protective barrier against the elements and creating a high-end, luxurious aesthetic for modern and traditional architecture, CRL Langle Al-Wall® features a clever clip design for joining the individual glass panels. Providing a safe installation method, the clip system joins the panels and securely fixes them in place, completely eradicating the need for glass cut-outs which can often require a lengthy, costly and detailed installation process.

This way, the original building façade is protected and still visible, while a modern finish is created. Importantly, good ventilation of the building is also achieved, ensuring that it is safe for occupants. 

Visually, the CRL Langle Al-Wall® System gives buildings a modern appearance and is a particularly good solution for regenerating older buildings, with the glass panels ensuring that the original materials and beauty of the architecture can still be seen.

The system has many practical advantages too, offering a highly durable and long-lasting finish that is the very best protection for buildings old and new. The innovative rainscreen system, for example, ensures safe ventilation of the building and guards against the elements, with a premium coated aluminium that is completely weather proof. Salt spray and statically tested, the CRL Langle Al-Wall® System can withstand the harshest of conditions.

The result is a modern impression with a highly durable and long-lasting finish with safe ventilation of the building that guards against the elements, whatever the weather.

For more details call 01706 863600, email crl@crlaurence.co.uk, or visit www.crlaurence.co.uk


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