Picture above: Conservatory Outlet’s Group Marketing Director, Karen Clough

A group of independent retail installers are enjoying sustained year-on-year increases in online enquiries, achieving, on average, 16% more digital leads than the same comparable year-to-date period in 2022.

The companies, all part of the Conservatory Outlet Network, have remained fully engaged with a proactive, multi-channel approach to marketing and have recorded impressive results, defying the challenging market conditions.

Fabricator Conservatory Outlet, which heads up the Network, employs its in-house marketing team and draws further support from the industry-leading digital agency, DigitalKOG. With decades of experience in the home improvement sector, DigitalKOG works exclusively for Conservatory Outlet’s retail partners, bringing unique insight to each company’s marketing strategy.

Access to this marketing expertise has helped Conservatory Outlet’s retailers to continue generating a consistently strong level of retail enquiries, paving the way for a healthy order book through the second half of 2023 and beyond.

Karen Clough, Marketing Director at Conservatory Outlet, explains: “It’s been no accident that our retailers are up year-on-year consistently each month so far in 2023.

“We work in constant partnership with our agency partner, DigitalKOG, to experiment with new ideas and channels, spilt test campaigns and replicate successes across our dealer network.

“It’s crucial to us that retail marketing and lead generation is the number one priority for our business.”

A recent report from Insight Data indicated that 74% of home improvement companies were finding enquiries hard to come by and many were raising concerns about a lack of demand through 2023 and beyond as inflation and the rising cost of living start to bite.*

Karen continues: “Despite the tough trading conditions, there is still plenty of demand out there from homeowners wanting to improve their properties. It’s all about hitting the right audience with the right messaging right at the right time.

“It’s pretty rare for a fabricator to put so much emphasis on understanding the retail customer.  There are plenty of fabricators out there that can make you a good product. And yes, it’s hugely important. But without leads, it’s all academic.  We’re proud of our Network of retailers for continuing to embrace a proactive approach to keep lead intake at a consistent level.”

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*Reference: https://www.windowsactive.com/fenestration-industry-sees-significant-drop-in-demand-reveals-insight-data/

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