At COP26 almost 200 countries in the UN agreed on the Glasgow Climate Pact. One of the top focuses from this agreement is to reduce emissions under the Mitigation objective.1 Consequently, it is no wonder our UK government, who joined this agreement, are focusing particular attention on big carbon producing industries. 

The built environment contributes to over 40% of carbon emissions in the United Kingdom with construction being the largest sector in this industry. As a result, the target for all residential dwellings to be zero carbon ready by 20252 was set. In order to achieve our nation’s targets that align with international climate promises, initiating legislation changes within the construction industry provides an assured route to reducing overall carbon emissions.

Enforcing industry wide regulations is likely the most effective way to achieve these construction carbon targets. This is evident in changes to Part L (Heating and Energy) Building regulations which will affect many construction companies and tradespeople, as they work to meet the new specified U-value requirements.

Change for the better

From 15th June 2022, all new build residential extension roofs must have a U-value (fabric values) of no more than 0.15 W/m2K. In refurbished residential extension or conservatory roofs the maximum U-value will be 0.16 W/m2K reduced from 0.18 W/m2K. Putting the UK on the right path to achieving its carbon targets, this improvement in energy performance will directly benefit the occupants of the dwellings affected. U-values are the measurement of heat transfer, and the lower the U-value means residents can benefit from less energy wastage which can bring down living costs and contribute to reduced carbon emissions. Conservatories have a higher heat transmission, and inefficient temperature regulation, which can render them unusable for modern families. Homeowners are looking to use their conservatories in more practical ways, whether they need more space for a growing family or need to convert the space into a home office; and the constant battle between heat gain and heat loss will only get worse with the changeable climate.

According to the 2021 Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report, 25% more of UK residents want to move to a bigger home in the next year, and 57% of residents want to make changes to be more eco-friendly, including making energy-efficient improvements to their homes.3 Throw in the energy price increase from April 2022 and there is mountable pressure for homeowners to make more conscious investments in long-term home improvements. As a result, residential fenestration systems that meet both government and homeowner priorities will prove most successful in the years ahead.

Climate Ready solutions

As homeowners take back control of their energy consumption and want to reclaim their conservatory space back, conservatory roof replacements are on the rise. Glazed extensions utilising solid warm roofs are also increasing in new builds. With the right system offering, companies in the fenestration industry will be able to cater to this growing demand but need to ensure those solutions are compliant.

The Guardian™ Warm Roof was the first prefabricated conservatory roof replacement solution. This energy-efficient system allows homeowners to reinvent and use their conservatories in the way that suits them, no matter the outside temperature. Staying ahead of regulations and catering to homeowner energy priorities, the Guardian Warm Roof system has been developed to now achieve an improved overall U-value of no higher than 0.15 W/m2K. This has been confirmed with independent testing by the BRE on condensation and U-Values and proves that the new specification has been approved to be compliant under the Part L changes.

Leading the way in home improvement solutions, Guardian Building Systems sets the precedent with building regulations. Partnered with industry giants VELUX® and Kingspan®, the prefabricated Guardian Warm Roof system is the ultimate opportunity for fenestration and renovation companies who want to grow a sustainable offering that will serve both refurbishment and new build projects.

With over 100,000 installations nationwide, the Guardian Warm Roof is a conservatory roof replacement system that is preferred by homeowners and is regulation compliant for complete peace of mind.

Become a leader in the fenestration market, get your business compliant and climate ready, and learn more about the Guardian Warm Roof.

Where does your business stand in the midst of regulation changes? With Guardian Building Systems you can keep compliant to meet government climate-change targets and make homes more liveable for homeowners…

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