NT_Designo_Axer_01Nuremberg/Leinfelden-Echterdingen – (rp) “Despite our consistent development as a window and door technology full service provider, we are not neglecting our core competences.” Roto used this brief formula to characterise the unchanged significance of the Tilt&Turn hardware systems during “fensterbau/frontale”. This is confirmed by the worldwide market leadership in the classic segment that is based on the well-known invention of company founder Wilhelm Frank. Correspondingly strong efforts to maintain and extend this top position by means of constant further developments and innovations remain. Current evidence is provided by the 2014 innovations within the “Tilt&Turn” portfolio that the company presented during the course of the international specialist trade fair in Nuremberg.

Thus, the universal “NT Designo” range now covers an additional field of application. The concealed hinge solution for windows and balcony doors with high sash weights of up to 150 kg is now available for use with triple-sashed windows with fixed mullions. Here, the up to 80 kg heavy middle sash may be opened as the last element. In addition, the recent premium alternative is characterised by easy hinging and unhinging as well as efficient opening.

A successful combination of aesthetics, strength, and ease of installation is represented by a new version of the “AL Designo”. This enables aluminium sash weights of up to 180 kg and is therefore especially suitable for implementation in demanding properties. Compared to the competition, Roto currently offers the highest performing concealed hardware for the Eurokammer system. Thanks to full clamping, the hinge-side for the opening types turn and tilt, as well as just turn, ensures simple and fast installation. With the additional load transfer it also ensures necessary stability and can be efficiently combined with the “AL 540” central lock. The key elements of the “strong” addition to the range are the newly developed corner and stay bearings.

Also part of the “AL Designo” portfolio for aluminium windows and balcony doors is another innovation: the small sash stay 390 mm for very slim Tilt&Turn sashes sized between 390 and 500 mm. In addition, the hardware specialist also draws attention to the couplable rebate hinge. It can be used with 300 to 500 mm wide turn-only sashes with active centre locks on the hinge-side.

A première can also be seen in the universal “AL 540” product range for aluminium window and balcony doors up to 300 kg. It now includes a version for turn-only sashes weighing up to 160 kg. The hinge-side also enables room height sashes up to 2,700 mm. The “comfort” rebate hinge with integrated lateral adjustment should also be mentioned as a special technical feature. The securing of corner and stay bearings is carried out via additional components in the frame.

The name says it all
With a completely new product line, the construction supplier offers simple connecting-rod hardware that can be clamped. It is simply called “OK” and is a Tilt&Turn solution for windows and balcony doors made from PVC with sash weights of up to 80 kg. It also opens up access to new markets and customer groups. The clear strategic focus is reflected, among other things, in the “extremely slim” product range. Important effects: low storage costs and simple production. The specific customer benefits also result from the opportunity to use semi-automated and volume-oriented production.

Technically, the pallet with a three-year performance guarantee is based on the proven connecting-rod concept. The manufacturer lists further benefits, including fibre-glass reinforced PVC components (polyamide) that can be clamped for easily installation, frame and hinge-side components from the comprehensive “NT” component system, standard square gears with 15 mm backset, and an optional gap fan. The corrosion-resistant “Roto Sil Nano” surface is also an essential quality feature of the innovation that is suitable for use with sash rebate widths from 410 to 1,300 mm and sash rebate heights of 360 to 2,400 mm. The brief fair summary states that, when it comes to sales and professional technical services for market partners, every “Roto OK” is quite simply OK.