With CE Marking legislation due to come into force on July 1st 2013, Phoenix Door Panels warns many installers could be unprepared and fall foul of the law if they fail to check that their doors meet the latest European regulations.

After that date, making and selling residential doors that are not CE marked will be illegal. Haydon Statham, National Sales Manager at Phoenix Door Panels, a division of Masco UK Window Group Ltd, says companies could be putting themselves at risk by ignoring the law.

Under the forthcoming mandatory CE Marking requirement, Trading Standards officers can insist that any installed products that are not CE marked are removed and replaced. Installers who ignore this can be fined, with repeat or serious offenders facing fines up to £5,000 or even three months imprisonment and to be forced to cease trading.

Haydon also suggests that the new legislation could open up further opportunities for those bona fide door manufacturers with CE Marked products as smaller manufacturing companies may be forced out of the market.

He says: “The legislation brings into question the smaller fabricator who’s making 10 to a dozen doors a week; is he really going to bother to spend the time to get CE marking on his composite doors? So the message has to be ‘Don’t get caught with your trousers down!’ Ensure you comply with the law by buying your composite and panel doors from a bona fide manufacturer.

All Phoenix Door Panels’ products already carry the all-important CE Marking and the company has notified all its customers that the necessary accreditations are in place ahead of July 1st. This includes supplying the required documentation based on the requirements of EN14531 / CE Marking, covering composite door sets, UPVC panels (thermal transmittance data as required by EN 10077 and the BFRC schemes – DSER’s and WER’s), glass units to EN 1279 and toughened glass to EN 12150.

In order to comply with current and future Building Regulations, Phoenix Door Panels has already achieved BFRC DER’s and can offer products holding Secured by Design accreditation where enhanced security is required.

Haydon adds: “From a manufacturer’s point of view, there are going to be future sales opportunities as installers will have to buy their doors from professional companies, like Phoenix, that can demonstrate their legal compliance. However, it remains to be seen how effectively this new legislation will be enforced – hopefully Trading Standards will take a firm and robust approach that will help them enforce this important legislation.”

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