Leading specialist aluminium fabricator CDW Systems has added Technal’s cutting-edge Tental curtain wall system to its comprehensive product range.

The move marks a significant upgrade from the previously offered Technal Elegance 52 system, providing customers with a more advanced, high-end solution for their glazing needs.

The Tental curtain walling system is a high-performance, thermally-broken solution with slim sightlines and exceptional thermal performance and available with 50mm or 60mm wide aluminium profiles, offering superior performance and design flexibility.

Managing Director Jeremy Phillips commented: “We’re excited to offer the Technal Tental curtain wall system, which replaces our Technal Elegance 52 system, to our customers. The upgrade allows us to offer a more sophisticated solution which will open up more commercial project opportunities for them.

“The system’s clean lines and design flexibility make it a more technical curtain walling, ideal for commercial applications where looks and performance are a priority.”

Notably, the Tental system also boasts impressive sustainability credentials, aligning with CDW Systems’ commitment to the environment.

Technal UK’s (Hydro Building Systems) products are made using high quality 75% recycled aluminium profiles which lowers CO2 emissions by up to 85%.

“Sustainability is a core focus for us and our clients,” added Jeremy. “The Tental system not only brings enhanced technical capabilities and delivers on performance but also helps reduce the environmental impact of building projects.

“Using Technal UK profiles enables us to provide our customers with a viable green and sustainable option and helps us contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint. It also reinforces the sustainability credentials of aluminium.”

Established in 1992, CDW Systems is one of the UK’s leading and longest running aluminium fabricators in the trade supply of aluminium window, door, and curtain wall products. For more information visit www.cdwsystems.co.uk or call 01452 414853.

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