Thinking outside the box has delivered a ‘wonderful’ solution to uniting a £0.5m refurbishment and expansion at a Wirral nursing home.

Hoylake Cottage wanted to upgrade its century-old main original cottage hospital building, to improve the facilities and services available to older people in the area, including specialist services for those with dementia. The site layout meant the two buildings needed to be linked in some way, to allow dry access between the two for staff and clients, but the buildings were not directly aligned. Local conservatory roof fabricator CRS devised a quick and impactful solution- a glazed link corridor with two side sections.

The main roof is 12.5m long x 1.9m wide, with the two end sections being 6m and 4m respectively, all fabricated out of the Aztec conservatory roof system, with a golden oak exterior and white interior.

“It looks wonderful, it blends in nicely with its surroundings and was built very quickly as we had an Open Day arranged where the local community was invited to see the new facilities,” explained Hoylake Cottage chief executive Linda Cooke. “The link corridor means staff and clients can move between both buildings, and enjoy views of the garden en-route, with the added bonus of not getting wet!”

Added CRS’ Dave Frost, “The main contractor had been let down by his original roof supplier and was having problems because of the completion date coinciding with the Open Day. The Aztec system can accommodate even complicated designs, so we knew we could build the design easily enough. We then just re-organised our workload so we could accommodate time constraints and get our element of the job done to the client’s satisfaction.”

Aztec uniquely foils every component of its roof. The Aztec foiling process uses state-of-the-art technology, giving a consistent, durable, scratch resistant finish. The design of Aztec’s roof components means every element can be efficiently foiled through three dimensions- even the complex crests, caps and finials. As a result, a coloured Aztec roof delivers complete uniformity with every element of the roof perfectly matching, even in a woodgrain finish.

Complete external foiling is just one of Aztec’s unique features, which combine to make it the biggest independent conservatory roof system on the market. The system was developed by conservatory installers to overcome the common issues faced in fabrication and fitting; as a result, the roof is simpler and faster to create and build- independent testing shows a 30% saving in time in the factory and on site.

As well as offering a roof with a raft of unique features, Aztec offers its fabricators unique benefits- including guaranteed areas of work without competition and no business taken direct. As a result, Aztec ( is now the leading independent conservatory roof systems company.