It wasn’t just Teresa May who travelled over to China this February for a trade mission. Business Micros’ Directors Graeme Bailey and Jim Cronie headed east as well, joining Wegoma China and Guangdong Glass Technologies on a week-long trip.

Graeme and Jim were there to demonstrate Business Micros’ class leading EvoNET factory management system to Guangdong Glass and to work alongside Wegoma in helping them create a new state of the art manufacturing facility near Shanghai serving China’s booming commercial glazing market.

EvoNET has long led the way in the UK in helping manufacturers to create paperless factories with unparalleled levels of monitoring and reporting. It has been proven to work seamlessly with Wegoma machinery, so is potentially a perfect fit for the Chinese market.

Managing Director Graeme Bailey said: “This was a great chance for me to look at the Chinese market and see what commercial opportunities it might present for Business Micros. We’re already active in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of Asia, so this could be the next logical step for us.”

Technical Director Jim Cronie was on the trip with a different agenda. He added: “For me, it was about understanding how customers in China might want to use EvoNET and seeing how we might develop a bespoke version for them. We certainly have the programming capability at our Dumfriesshire centre and it could be a very exciting new challenge for us.”

Business Micros hopes to announce the outcome of the trip later in the year. Further details on EvoNET are at: