When Endurance Doors approached Business Micros last year to help them develop a new online Door Designer, they had already decided that they wanted a bespoke solution which would set them apart from the rest of the composite door market.

With Business Micros already enjoying a reputation as the ‘go to’ provider of design and ordering software for the composite and PVC door market, Endurance Doors chose the company that they knew were the industry experts.

Whilst it would have been perfectly possible for Business Micros to provide a version of one of their more off the shelf solutions, similar to those already being used by some of the biggest names in the market, Endurance Doors wanted to be able to offer their own online designer which would give them a real wow factor.

And, the vision of Endurance Doors combined with the experience and technical expertise of Business Micros has now delivered exactly that – a unique Door Designer which works equally well for the fabricator, the installer and the homeowner and is effectively future proofed ready for further expansion and added functionality.

One of the main differentiators in the Endurance Doors solution is the fact that it works consistently and reliably across all types of devices – from laptops to mobiles. There is no requirement however for installers or homeowners to download memory hungry apps – the Business Micros system allows installers or homeowners to use the designer very quickly and simply in the browser window and to generate a realistic and detailed image of any one of 54 different standard door designs.

And, using a feature which Endurance Doors believes is key to helping installers to convert enquiries into sales, it also allows installers or homeowners to instantly upload a photo of the property into the system and see exactly what their chosen design would look like.

It is Business Micros’ understanding of the market and how consumers and installers interact with online door designers which enabled them to add so much to this project.

As well as the expertise from the Business Micros programming centre in Dumfriesshire, there was also invaluable input from the sales and development team about the routes users typically take when they are using online design and ordering systems. A major focus was to create a user friendly interface which would be simple and fast enough to make it usable when working face to face with a customer, but also sophisticated enough to impress that customer with a realistic depiction of their chosen door.

With Endurance Doors moving towards the launch of its own Preferred Installer scheme very soon, Business Micros was also able to create a tool within the designer which will enable consumers to make a direct enquiry or ask for a quote from a scheme member once they reach the end of the design process.

Business Micros’ Managing Director Graeme Bailey explained how this project differed from other more standard door designer projects. He said: “Endurance Doors were looking to use their door designer as a key sales and marketing tool and something which they felt would leapfrog the competition. They have invested significant time and money with us in getting a solution which I believe now sets the benchmark for the doors sector.

“We already supply manufacturing and business management software to the Rocal group which owns Endurance Doors, so the next step will be to integrate this door designer into the rest of their software operation. From our perspective, it is certainly not just about the interface and the user experience, but also about how it works alongside the Evolution and EvoNet software to deliver an efficient, streamlined operation across the whole door buying and ordering process.”

Business Micros is exhibiting its range of door designer solutions at the FIT Show on stand 218, alongside its EvoNet business management software. Further information is available at www.businessmicros.co.uk