aztec big green roofFirst quarter sales for 2015 are ‘going through the roof’ reports Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems.

And the customer base is expanding apace, with several new fabricators now fully functioning around the country, including Dover, Wolverhampton and Mansfield.

“It seems that over the traditionally quieter early winter, a lot of window fabricators have ‘got’ our message: if you are making windows, there is little to stop you adding a profit opportunity by making conservatory roofs,” observes Tim Frank, Aztec managing director.

“You’ll have a unit, and the equipment, and probably the space…..The advantage of choosing the Aztec system over others is that we protect our customers, we don’t work against them: we refuse to take any jobs direct, and guarantee a protected, realistic area in which our partners can trade without competing against other people fabricating the same system.  In our 20+years, we have never had so many new fabricators at the start of a year, nor existing customers with such full order books.”

The Aztec roof is now the most widely-used independent system available to fabricators. It is the only conservatory roof system originally developed by roof fabricators and installers, to overcome the common issues faced when building a conservatory roof. Its design features mean it can be fabricated and fitted in a fraction of the time required by alternative systems, and, if properly executed, eliminates incidence of remedial snagging.

Uniquely, the company requires no stockholding, no minimum order quantity, and promises fabricators protected sales areas, with next working day delivery on even a single bar length. Aztec provides a full technical service, and what it believes is the best customer support in the sector.

Full details are available on the company’s website