Although generally better known for their work in the door and window sector, Brouha Marketing has also been involved for several years now in looking after the public relations for several London exhibitions and international conferences in areas as diverse as mortgages and tech. May saw the agency working hard to support the latest of these in the shape of London’s international Product, Design Innovation conference (PD+I).

Keely Portway who looks after the PDI account comments: “We look forward to working on PDI every year as it’s a rare opportunity to get insight into what’s driving industrial product design, a sector that contributes £3.1 billion pa to the UK economy.

“Cutting edge papers this year delivered by big brands and design agencies like Whipsaw Inc., McLaren, Williams Advanced Engineering, Plan, Mormedi, Bacardi and Speedo covered topics as diverse as wearables, automotive design, air travel, and end user engagement, as well as surprise references to monkeys, employed robots and super heroes. Delegates were tasked with challenges such as Can You Design A New Chair, How Do You Make A Zip that Curves, Create Objects That People Want to Pick Up and Avoid IP rights pitfalls when it comes to 3D printing.

“In addition to promoting the show to maximize footfall with a strategic mix of stories, Q+A interviews and social media management, we manned the press hub during the event, organized speaker and attendee interviews and transcriptions during the two day conference. California’s Silicon Valley may be a long way from the so called PVC Corridor from which we’re normally based, but the cross-over of ideas and innovation is massively useful. We want our customers to benefit from the learning we can take from one sector and apply to another. Just last week, I was with a fabricator who had just taken delivery of a 3D printer to manufacture one-off conservatory roof caps – so maybe the worlds aren’t as far apart as they first seem.”

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