trojan release britanniaWhen you’re looking for a supplier, you’re looking for a business you can build a long term partnership with while adding value to your own business. One example of such a relationship is the one between Britannia Windows and hardware manufacturer the Trojan Group, who have now been working together for over ten years.

Britannia Windows is based in Clevedon in Somerset. Founded in 1980 it has grown to become one of the biggest manufacturers and installers in the south west. The company works in the retail, trade and commercial markets and manufactures 800 frames per week. The business has enjoyed significant growth in the last few years, and turnover is approaching £25m.

When asked for the secret of his company’s success, Managing Director Hayden Rushton, says, “We supply a well engineered, well made product supplied on time and at the right price. It’s the same principles as Trojan.”

Britannia purchases its window and door handles, door hinges and letter plates from Trojan. According to Hayden, the products are “well-designed, well-engineered, easy to install and come with a long term guarantee, so you can fit and forget. The product quality is beyond doubt.” These benefits are particularly important to Hayden, who says he deliberately chooses specialist suppliers that are led by technical and design considerations. “That way if things need sorting they get done quickly and compromises aren’t made on quality. We’ve had bad experiences with other companies ‘value engineering’ to the extent that the products fail. At the end of the day, even if it’s not our fault, a product failing reflects badly on us as a company and could impact on our reputation in the area.”

But the strength of Britannia’s trust in Trojan goes beyond the straightforward reliability of its products. Hayden says simply, “We like and believe in the people at Trojan.” At the end of the day, when you’ve got products you trust and people you trust, you’ve got the makings of a long-term partnership that adds value to your business, which is exactly what Britannia has got with Trojan.