Yes, that’s exactly how Giles Hayhurst, Managing Director of Bradley Giles Ltd describes his new system.

When we were asked if we could supply or recommend a CRM system a year ago we started looking at what was available on the market and, in particular, ones designed specifically for our industry. There’s quite a few out there and we had a couple of on-line demonstrations which we found uninspiring. The main reason is that a decent CRM can fulfil a multitude of important functions from logging sales leads to material ordering, customer letters etc. together with financial reporting such as sales reps’ performances – and when showing off these great attributes the demonstrators just listed what it did here and what it did there making the on-line demo just a series of features reeled off one after the other.

We realised that there are many smaller companies that initially, and maybe only ever, need only a means of recording customers’ names, addresses, what products they had and what stage the order is at. It’s like comparing a Quad bike and a Range Rover – both will cover rough ground as they’re 4 x 4’s but often you only need a quad bike to fulfil your requirement. The ethos of EasyBase is similar to that of Colin Chapman and his Lotus cars – he always tried to “add lightness”, in the same way we’re adding “easiness”, people who aren’t computer savvy can get blown away/lose interest when a sophisticated CRM is demonstrated to them.

As a result, EasyBaseTM was created. It’s a joint venture with one of our good customers and It’s a basic database that does just a few things like recording customers’ records, letting you easily see what stage the order is at, seeing who’s got what etc.

Any form of document can be attached to the customer’s record

The progress of the various stages of a job can clearly be seen

Back in 1984 when Giles Hayhurst started Windowlink Ltd all their competitors were offering expensive and comprehensive computer programs and then Giles came along with a low-cost system that was easy to use and did almost the same as the costly alternatives. “It took our competitors a little while to realise that we had swept the rug from under their feet and soaked up the low end of the market”. One of Windowlink’s first customers was Steve Keates of Classic Windows in Minety, Wiltshire. Giles and his programmer brother created a system for calculating cutting sizes for the Fersina system. That all seems so long ago – but now history is repeating itself because Dave Keates, the present owner of Classic, has become Giles’s first customer for the new EasyBase system specifically designed as a low cost and easy to use database system as opposed to a full sophisticated CRM. Giles commented, “History is repeating itself after all these years as EasyBase is just a simple system aimed at the small – medium sized business”.

Of course, once the customer gets used to EasyBaseTM they may well want to expand the system and end up with a full CRM system and that’s fine because we will also be offering a bespoke add-on that upgrades EasyBaseTM to a full CRM system but in easily digestible stages.

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