BM Aluminium has just issued updated guidance to fabricators to ensure they get the most from their LogiKal software installation.

The guidance outlines the systems they need to have in place to run LogiKal at its optimum performance, and more specifically to guarantee that they can install all the necessary updates as soon as they are released.

The guidance covers all the essentials – from the PC specifications and disc space required to the server speed and capacity and graphics card recommended. However, the focus is on the environment requirements, and there are clear, step by step instructions now on how to enable the necessary network sharing and windows permissions and how to configure the firewall settings and anti-virus software exceptions.

Daniel Hodges, BM Aluminium’s Technical Manager, explained: “We’re aware that some customers have run into problems installing the latest LogiKal update. That’s largely because their systems haven’t kept pace with the development of software or haven’t been configured quite correctly, so we thought it would be useful to provide this online checklist so that they can identify what  if anything, they are missing. 

“We want every customer to be able to use LogiKal to its maximum capacity, so our support team are always on hand to help and advise of course, and we are very happy to review customers’ systems at any time and help with any changes or upgrades that are needed.”

The full updated guidance is at:  and customers can get direct support via the BM Aluminium support line on: 01684 856920. 

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