It’s quite unbelievable that twenty years have passed by since Mark Tetley and Martyn Haworth decided to form Bison Frames, and what a journey it’s been! They’ve put together an incredible team, made strong friendships with suppliers, and have been all about creating products to be proud of. It’s been quite the journey, one that’s worth celebrating!

Back when Mark and Martyn first began, they couldn’t have imagined how their venture might develop. Fast forward two decades, and it’s clear that their focus on treating customers right and never skimping on quality was a winning formula from the outset.

They built a company that focused on doing things well and keeping standards high – Bison Frames has stuck to that philosophy without compromise, earning a solid reputation for Genesis Collection windows and doors along the way.

This commitment to being the best has been Bison’s constant objective, helping them become a go-to name in the window and door industry. Known for not just what they do but how they do it.

Since the foundation in 2002, with Mark and Martyn at the helm and their dedicated team, Bison Frames has grown beyond recognition. Key ingredients that have made a huge impact has been finding the right people, investing in the latest manufacturing tech, and building lasting relationships with the other people who matter most – customers and suppliers. All this hard work meant making more room for the growing operation and in 2017 invested by expanding the factory and commissioning some cutting-edge new machinery.
Further investment also followed in the Swindon presence at the NSBRC in 2023 with the expansion of the display space showcasing the new Bison Designer Aluminium range.

What’s most pleasing are the long-term friendships made along the way. It’s these relationships that are at the heart of everything Bison Frames does, recognising they wouldn’t be where we are without this incredible support network.

Looking ahead, Bison will continue to remain true to their core values while staying open to new ideas and ready to adapt. It’s about making sure Bison is always moving forward, never just settling, and continuing to deliver the kind of quality they’re known for.

Most importantly, as they hit this 20-year milestone, it feels right to just take a moment to appreciate the journey and say a huge thank you to everyone who’s been part of it. They’ve all played a part in what Bison Frames has become.

So, here’s to the past 20 years with Bison & to the next chapter and  cheers to ‘Team Bison’ for making it all possible.


Marcus O’Boyle