Marking 40 years of outstanding service, Bill Butters Windows has a fantastic reputation among domestic and trade customers across the south of England. Now the company is taking customer experience to new heights with quoting software developed by Tommy Trinder.

Managing Director, Paul Kelly, has leveraged the Tommy Trinder platform to supercharge sales and quoting – “We’re so pleased with Tommy Trinder. If you haven’t got it, it’s your loss I’m afraid. You’re missing a big trick if you’re out there trying to sell windows and doors without it.”

Paul emphasised the importance of presentation – “Lots of people can’t visualise what a window is going to look like. With Tommy, it’s all there – the colour, the glass, the handle, viewed from inside, outside, everything. It’s just so simple. If you can’t sell with Tommy Trinder then you’re in the wrong job I think!”

Sales Advisor Stuart Miller has been impressed by the positive customer feedback – “It’s definitely helped us get more sales, but it’s also helped us convert those sales a lot quicker and easier. I take out my tablet, sit down at their dining table and start drawing out their window, superimpose it onto a picture of their house… they nearly fall off their chair! They’ve never seen anything like it.”

The ability to design alongside the customer and provide instant quotes is a big part of the software’s appeal, according to Stuart, “By designing the windows with the customer in their own home you’re minimising all the questions – they know exactly what they’re getting and what it costs. It’s made my job 50% easier.”

Paul and Stuart have found that daily admin has become a doddle with Tommy. Paul noted, “If you value your time you’d be foolish not to use it.” Stuart added, “Over an eight hour day it easily saves me two hours a day.”

Tommy Trinder has also enabled the team to be more flexible, as Paul noted, “Your guys out on the road don’t need to come into the office; they can do their quote from the coffee shop or when they’re sat in the van waiting till the next appointment… It’s just a no-brainer.”

Despite a tougher market, Paul and the team are continuing  to thrive, delivering great value and an unrivalled customer experience. In Paul’s words, “Tommy Trinder  helps you win sales, and that’s what it’s all about”.

Tommy Trinder is subscription based and billed monthly. To find out more and book a free demo installers should visit 

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