NV Portal Image 1

Network VEKA is delighted to be able to offer member companies the chance to personalise a wide range of professionally-designed marketing materials – all at the click of a button.

The Network VEKA Marketing Portal was unveiled at the organisation’s recent AGM in Solihull. The Marketing Portal is an online facility that will allow members to access truly individual marketing materials that feature their own USPs.

John Ogilvie Network VEKA MD explains: “We’ve always been extremely proud of the marketing support we offer to Network VEKA members and now we’ve made it even more convenient and cost effective.

“Members can simply log in via the Network VEKA website to view everything from adverts and posters, to mailers and brochures and then personalise these items to suit their individual company. Once a company’s logo has been uploaded, they just need to add any extra details they wish. It’s an extremely cost-effective solution which ensures that marketing is consistent and professional – and as we’ve commissioned the designs and copywriting already, there’s only the printing and postage costs to pay.

“Items can be personalised in various ways including your logo, contact information, energy ratings, company history and/or discount information. Communication is the lifeblood of marketing. There’s no point being the best at what you do, if you don’t shout about it.

“Having demonstrated the Marketing Portal at the FIT Show and officially unveiled it at the AGM, we have already seen a lot of interest in this system and we expect it to be an extremely valuable asset to our membership.”