With over 50 years in business as a fabricator and installer of shop fronts, sliding doors and bespoke security systems, Crystal Architectural Aluminium recognises the value of providing first class professional services to customers in gaining repeat business. In looking for new machinery for their own plant it therefore made sense for Director, Andrew Taylor, to follow the same principle and contact elumatec.

“We have always enjoyed excellent service from elumatec,” said Andrew, “The sales team pays close attention to our overall business objectives. This means that they are able to suggest the most appropriate machinery for long-term benefit.”

Based in Greater-Manchester, Crystal Architectural Aluminium manufactures a wide range of profiles producing bespoke systems for business customers from shops to schools. High quality aluminium is used and cutting performance needs to be extremely accurate. With frequent repeat business and new business the plant has increasing volumes of work which necessitate greater speed, together with the same accuracy.

New equipment to deal with the increase in work was called for. Crystal Architectural Aluminium spent £77,000 on Elumatec’s SBZ122 profile machining centre. The machining centre performs five-sided machining of long profiles up to 7.05m in length. It has a power torque spindle and automatic clamp positioning which saves time when profile lengths have to be changed often. Importantly for Crystal Architectural Aluminium, the machine connects with LogiKal, the project control software used by the company.

“The SBZ122 has enabled us to almost double the number of profiles we machine each day” commented Andrew, “And this means increased turnover on a daily basis which improves our profit margin as the same number of man hours are employed. This in turn helps us to honour our customer pledge of unparalleled attention to detail, unbeatable professionalism and, most importantly, value for money.”

For more information about elumatec’s range of premium quality machines for working aluminium telephone 01908 580800 or email sales@elumatec.co.uk