valley-with-glass-stop-paddleGlass slippage is not something that installers encounter when fitting Synseal’s market leading Global conservatory roof.  However for a “belt and braces” installation approach the proven K2 paddle glass stop is now an available option to give extra reassurance when installing wide-span or large-scale roof glazing assemblies.

Although not required on typical conservatory jobs, for major projects featuring large and weighty roof glass installations the paddle glass stop provides added reassurance to prevent any glass unit slip over years of weathering, which in turn eliminates any possibility of leaks and minimises requirements for cosmetic repair work.

Global roof’s variable valley is designed to suit varying pitches and angles and is clad with trims both internally and externally to give an aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Angle roof pitches varying from 5o to 35o can be accommodated by the flexible valley design and in similar fashion the paddle glass stop neatly adjusts to the required valley angle to assist in supporting the glazing units.

The glass stop can be attached to the end of rafter assemblies and features adjustable paddles to bring the glass stop in line with the valley and the edge of the glass unit, to provide maximum potential stopping power.

Mark Schlotel, Synseal’s Head of Marketing, comments: “This paddle glass stop feature is well known to installers of our K2 roof and it makes good sense to provide this option on request for Global roof customers operating in both UK and Export markets – another good example of sharing best practice between our Synseal and K2 technical teams.”