Business Micros has added a clever new module to its market leading EvoNET business management software which makes sure that every order is kept on track.

Branded Order Monitor, it runs unattended in the background of EvoNET checking that every stage of an order is completed on time and in full, and then sending an email reminder to the relevant person if anything is missed.

It has been developed in response to demand from larger fabricators, who might have dozens of people involved with an order from start to finish, and means that they no longer need to carry out manual checks on the progress of any order.

Like everything within EvoNET, Order Monitor can be tailored precisely to the needs of every individual fabricator, so they can choose their own list of tasks they want to monitor and decide on their own timings for reminders.

Tasks can be set up right from the point of order all the way through to installation and aftercare, with the objective being to ensure that every order meets its delivery date as efficiently as possible. It can, for example, monitor everything from the ordering of specialist components on a long lead time, right up to checking that a customer satisfaction call has been made.

Business Micros’ Sales Manager Chris Bailey says that Order Monitor has the potential to allow EvoNET users to become even more efficient: “It ensures that staff are focusing on the right orders at the right moment and helps them to optimise stock purchasing so that they don’t order parts too early and risk them being damaged or take up too much factory space, or too late that they hold up a delivery.

“It also helps to ensure a level of consistency in customer service so that fabricators can be reassured that every customer always gets the same level of contact and aftercare, without anyone missing out because of human error.”

The Order Monitor module was developed by specialist programmer Lee Marshall at Business Micros’ Dumfriesshire programming centre. It was originally created as a bespoke option for a single customer, but Business Micros soon recognised its wider potential and it has now been rolled out as a standard module option for all EvoNET users.

Business Micros’ installation team can do the initial Order Monitor set up for a customer and then demonstrate how to add their own tasks as required. There is no limit on the number of tasks they can monitor and no time limit so, if a fabricator is also installing, they can add surveys and fitting dates as well.

Order Monitor has been an immediate hit and has already been adopted by several leading fabricators including Dekko and Glazerite.

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