Picture above: The Passage Charity in Victoria

Associated Steel Window Services (ASWS) has a 60-year heritage in steel window refurbishment and replacement. now a leading figure in the steel window industry.

Established in 1960, the original company concentrated on the servicing of steel windows, general glazing and repairs to fire escapes. Today, the company is one of the leading figures in the industry concentrating on the replacement, refurbishment and redecoration of steel windows; encompassing a complete site package which has been employed on some of the UK’s most prestigious projects.

A specific area of growth in recent years is traditional, specialist glazing. Projects comprise stained glass leaded lights, traditional leaded lights, copper light glazing and large, flat and curved glazing.

Kris Bennell, ASWS’s Contracts Director, explains further, “We are rightly proud of our proven capability and expertise in specialist glazing. We operate a team of employed, skilled glaziers which is the key to our success. Some of our most noteworthy (or memorable) projects have included the composite stained-glass panel refurbishment for The Passage Charity in Victoria (pictured). The beautiful 3.5m by 1m stained glass external steel windows were, in fact, beyond refurbishment and were being reused and moved internally to the other end of the building as part of the refurbishment. ASWS was employed to remanufacture the windows as well as refurbish and rebuild the original stained-glass panels, which was all undertaken in one of our workshops by a specialist glazier with over 40 years of experience and expertise.”

He continues, “At the other end of the spectrum of our works was the reglazing works at the new ASOS headquarters. This project involved the logistical mapping of utilising a specialist 90m HGV Mounted Bronco (access platform), one of the largest Broncos in the country, as well the use of a glazing mini-crane with a glass vacuum lifter attachment. This equipment was all needed to reglaze two 5m long by 2m high triple glazed units into an externally glazed curtain walling system. I think this is what is so interesting and what I love about what we do as a business; one day to be working on the detailed intricate refurbishment of 100-year-old panes of glass and then to switch to the ultra-modern systems utilising all available modern technology to facilitate our works. Working, training and learning about new techniques as well as valuing the trades or the past helps us keep our heritage industry at the forefront of construction.”

Associated Steel Window Services is a member of The Steel Window Association (www.steel-window-association.co.uk).

For further information on Associated Steel Window Services, please visit www.asws.co.uk or call 020 8665 5335.

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