Dean Bradley is Sales Director of Glazpart, the leading plastic glazing components manufacturer. In this article, Dean tells us why Glazpart is a key supplier to the fabricators and installers to help them ensure that windows and doors are manufactured and installed safely and securely and meet with the building regulations.

Post-pandemic and post-Brexit, the UK’s glass and glazing sector is facing multiple challenges. Whether it is compliance with regulations and getting ready to meet the Future Homes 2025 Standards, through to delivering the perfect finished job to meet homeowners’ satisfactions or simply balancing stock levels with operational costs, Glazpart is there to help fabricators and installers across the supply chain.


Since June 2022, when Building Regulations (Approved Document F) changed, it has become compulsory for companies to meet the ventilation requirements. Fabricators and installers have found that trickle vents are the easiest, most practical and most economical solution for compliance. Well in advance of the changes, Glazpart had done the research, consulted with industry experts, customers and policy makers and then invested in the machinery and tooling to expand the award-winning Link Vent range to include the Link Vent 4000, ready for the legislative changes.

The Link Vent has great flexibility and can be used on all types of windows and doors including timber windows as the Link vent has rounded ends to allow for easy installation on timber. The Link Vent is available in either screw or clip in fixing types – the design eliminates the need for end caps whilst the clip fix design (Pawl’s) allows for a fast and simple vent installation.


With smart design, easy fitting, and functionality Glazpart’s Link Vent is a must for fabricators and installers across. However, one the Link Vent’s greatest advantages is its vast choice of 1000s of colours and decorative finishes.

Homeowners are more discerning than ever and meeting their demands can be challenging particularly if they desire heritage windows with timber or aluminium frames. In such situations, Glazpart’s Premium Link Vent range has become the best choice for the perfect finish.

Earlier this year, Glazpart created handy packs of either ten canopies or internal vents to help companies only buy the stock they need (rather than tie up cash in excess stock) and add more value, both in terms of revenue and kerb appeal for homeowners. The premium finishes available in the new handy sized packs are the Premium Woodgrain range, Premium Vac Foiled range, Premium Sprayed Colours, Super Matt Finishes.

Triple Glazing

Future Homes 2025 will likely see triple glazing as the de facto glazing product for new build. One of the main issues with triple glazing is the additional weight of the sealed unit caused by an extra pane of glass. The extra weight has an impact in transit, installation and more importantly for fabricators during the window manufacturing process.

To ensure the weight of the IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) is supported and handled carefully during window installation, the right flat packers are vitally important to avoid product damage and also for employee safety.

When manufacturing a triple glazed window or door, the extra weight can be best managed by using Glazpart’s extensive range of 34mm to 50mm wide flat packers (often referred to in the standards as setting or location blocks).

Colour coded and fully integrated, Glazpart’s comprehensive range of glazing accessories  includes, flat -packers, frame packers, bridge packers, run-up blocks, glazing shovels and corner protectors. The glazing accessories are all designed to work together for all glazing types both double and triple.


One of the recurring issues facing companies in the supply chain is the immediate availability of components, which is why Glazpart always keeps healthy stock levels to supply demand. The glazing accessories and trickle vent ranges and ability to manufacture bespoke plastic products ensures that Glazpart is a “one stop shop” for window fabricators and installers.

To find out more about Glazpart’s products please contact the Glazpart sales team or visit the Glazpart website Glazpart | Injection Mould Specialist Since 1986

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