Roseview Windows acts as a clearing house for information from individual companies on their intentions and thoughts on the timing of being able to recommence working

The big question which will be on most people minds is around the issue of when we can get back to work? The UK economy needs a resumption of work as does our industry as a whole and, of course, our individual companies. We are seeing companies going into administration and redundancies being made across the board with the country sliding further and further into debt.

It is not just a case of when we get back to work but also how this will be done. Mike Bygrave at Roseview Windows has posted his thoughts on the subject on LinkedIn, saying:

“In response to COVID-19 most of the glazing industry closed down together. At Roseview we believe that it’s in everyone’s interests – suppliers, fabricators and installers – to re-open together as well.

“However, coordinating that return may prove to be tricky. Therefore, we’re asking for your thoughts in a short survey. It’s open to the whole industry and aims to allow all of us to make an informed decision. At the very least we hope it acts as a trigger for an open, industry-wide discussion. It’s a rolling survey, so you can complete it more than once. You may not know when to re-open yet, and that’s fine. But, in a few weeks, things may change. Come back and do the survey again, and we’ll track the changes in regular updates.

“The results will be freely available to everyone. We’ll publish them on our website, on LinkedIn and through our social media channels. This is not a marketing exercise – we’re not collecting contact details. It’s simply our way of trying to help the industry get back to work in an efficient way, when it’s safe to do so.

“If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear them. And please spread the word – the more people that get involved the more informative the results will be. Stay safe.”

This is an initiative that has merit. It is a time when our industry needs to pull together and by running this survey it will give everyone an insight into the intentions of others and the industry as a whole. Mike has emphasised that this not a marketing exercise on behalf of Roseview and he is simply taking it upon himself to collate the data and keep everyone informed through a variety of media so that everyone can see the intentions of others and how their thoughts change as news regarding the lockdown changes over time.

Will it be instantly illuminating? Probably not as Mike expects that the first reaction to the survey will be a resounding ‘Don’t know’. However, this will change with time and the important part of this survey is revisiting it on a regular basis with the hope that the statistics will show everyone gearing up to start work again and our industry will be able to co-ordinate an industry wide recommencing of business.

Glass News is very happy to support Roseview Windows’ initiative and we hope the industry will support the survey that will give a visible and meaningful showing of the intentions of individual companies. This should, over time, help us all co-ordinate our return to normal working.

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