AluWood, a new British aluminium clad timber window and door system has been launched by AluWood Ltd, a subsidiary of Scottish joinery company Norscot. Based on the former A M Profiles system for which Norscot acquired the design rights in 2012, the AluWood system incorporates a number of value added refinements and offers even better value for money.

AluWood is now seeking joinery manufacturers interested in adding aluminium clad timber windows and doors to their product range, without the need to reinvent the wheel. The aim being to build a nationwide network of AluWood fabricators.

Being manufactured in the UK the carbon footprint of AluWood products is already lower than similar imported products. Having a network of manufacturers throughout the UK will further reduce carbon emissions, adding to AluWood’s eco credentials.

Manufacturers who initially just wish to test the water may purchase ready-made unglazed products direct from AluWood. Those who commit to manufacturing the products themselves will purchase the aluminium profiles in bar length and receive comprehensive training and support from AluWood.

Managing director Peter Body said, “AluWood has made a significant investment in developing the system and it offers fabricators an affordable entry into this niche but growing premium product market”.

AluWood windows and doors combine the warmth and visual appeal of natural timber inside with the strength, resilience and low maintenance of aluminium outside. Manufactured in engineered laminated timber, AluWood products can be double or triple glazed. Depending on glass specification, U-values as low as 0.9 W/m2k can be achieved.

Mr Body added, “We know there are products on the market which may offer better ‘headline’ performance but a judgement should be made between cost and benefit. Better U-values offer little additional savings in energy costs but can cost significantly more to achieve”.

Traditionally regarded as a commercial product aluminium clad timber windows and doors are increasingly being specified for modern housing, particularly in the self-build sector. Although more expensive than PVCu and timber, when whole life costs are considered they become a cost effective option.

aluwood logoAluWood products include casement and top-swing reversible windows, single and French doors and a curtain walling system for feature glazing applications. Some may consider this to be a somewhat limited range. However, as Mr Body says, “Keep it simple and make it better”. He believes patio and bi-fold doors offer limited practical benefit in the British climate. Moreover, being relatively complex in construction, they are not only unduly expensive but also prone to high maintenance costs.

The AluWood window and door system is fully integrated so combining products is straightforward. In Mr Body’s opinion large expanses of glass are generally ill advised in the British climate. And, as building regulations demand ever greater levels of thermal efficiency, will become increasingly difficult to justify. This said, where such features can be justified, a combination of simple doors and fixed pane windows offers the best solution in terms of cost and performance.

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