One of the most critical factors in manufacturing is time, and Winkhaus UK’s innovative aluPilot fitting system is designed to streamline the production process of aluminium windows.

Aluminium fabricators can save up to 10 minutes of production time per window with aluPilot, compared to traditional systems available on the market. Winkhaus has confirmed the result of 10 minutes time saving in tests conducted with manufacturers during aluPilot’s development and subsequent roll-out to European systems houses. When multiplied across weekly production, these time savings really start to add up.

So, how does Winkhaus UK achieve this remarkable 10-minute time-saving? We’ve identified three key concepts integral to our approach.

  1. Fastening Concept: Streamlining Assembly Processes

Firstly, our innovative ‘fastening concept’ optimises assembly efficiency by utilising ‘clamp and clip’ technologies to insert components into the fitting groove of the sash frame, eliminating the need for upstream work processes, such as punching and cutting connecting rods to length. This approach accelerates fabrication significantly, with sash components connected using standardised drive rods.

  1. Tooling Concept: Simplifying Installation Procedures

Secondly, our streamlined ‘tooling concept’ simplifies installation processes, with assembly and adjustment of components requiring only two tools. With just a screwdriver and an installation lever, manufacturers can effortlessly install and adjust components, removing the need for costly punching tools.

  1. Handling Concept: Optimising Pre-Assembly and Installation

Lastly, our comprehensive ‘handling concept’ ensures that everything arrives pre-assembled and tailored to the manufacturer’s specifications, minimising handling effort during fabrication. With pre-installed components reducing the number of fittings by up to 25%, fabricators can replenish their product lines faster and enjoy enhanced production efficiency.

Combined, these three concepts contribute to a more efficient and production-friendly system, saving time and increasing productivity.

aluPilot’s innovative design continues with a range of custom accessory components that allow greater design flexibility to meet changing customer requirements. These include the aluPilot cushioned turn limiter that brakes the sash in the turn position, protecting the window from gusts and reducing the risk of windows slamming open or shut. The aluPilot ventilation shear for turn windows that provides adjustable ventilation up to 90 degrees from the closed position, and the aluPilot locking force optimiser which is designed to reduce tilt and turn locking forces, ideal for high sash weights and sashes with a low handle position.

In addition to efficiency gains, aluPilot offers impressive weight capabilities, catering to various applications. With options to support sash weights ranging from 130kg to 300kg, our aluPilot system is versatile and adaptable to diverse needs.

Winkhaus UK’s Aluminium Systems Manager, Alastair Wheeler, said: “At Winkhaus, we pride ourselves on being a collaborative partner, working closely with system houses to meet their specific needs. Through mutual development, testing, and certification, we ensure that each system house can enjoy the benefits of a bespoke window solution, that saves precious production time.”

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