Aluminium door specialist AluFoldDirect has launched its first range of Secured by Design (SBD), thermally efficient commercial doors, in order to meet the growing demand amongst specifiers for high-quality SBD-accredited solutions.

The company has seen rapid growth in aluminium bi-fold doors and is now putting its expertise in aluminium towards the commercial sector. The new AluFoldDirect commercial door offers a durable, thermally efficient and secure solution that can be tailored to suit regular usage, emergency and anti-panic requirements, or a mag lock variant for maximum protection.

All AluFoldDirect thermal commercial doors are Secured by Design accredited, Q Mark accredited and Document Q-compliant, having passed PAS23, PAS24 and BS EN1627 standards. They offer real thermal efficiency and can incorporate a range of performance insulated glass unit options.

The robust construction and variety of security options with the AluFoldDirect commercial door make it ideal for high-traffic buildings in the public sector – such as schools or hospitals – or private businesses, such as hotels or larger corporate organisations.

The range is being launched following research by AluFoldDirect, which suggests that – following the legal requirement to use Secured by Design in certain new builds and refurbishments – specifiers across the country are increasingly being asked to adopt SBD as a matter of course.

Craig Miller, Managing Director of AluFoldDirect, explains that: “Many architects and specifiers are turning to the obvious benefits of SBD-approved products as they make the process more transparent and easy, right the way through to the client.

“As Building Regulations head more in the direction of fully accredited and certified products for high-value installations (such as schools, installers must be able to prove they have installed to the standard specified.

“SBD is a sure-fire way of getting products installed that have withstood the rigours of extensive testing, under the gaze of a respected authority,” Craig adds.

To secure SBD status, the commercial doors tested include widths on single doors of up to 1250mm wide and 2350mm high and double doors to 2400 wide. Tested designs also incorporate emergency escape devices and controlled lock entrance devices.

AluFoldDirect will work with architects, specifiers and developers to select the right door for each access point. In some occasions this will have been legislated for. “We’ll look at your plans on a door by door basis. The duty of care rests with the manufacturer to ensure a solution is fit for purpose, so you might say the responsibility literally ends at my door,” confirms Craig Miller.

“We’re extremely confident in the design and manufacture of our range of commercial doors to offer safe passage where desired and real protection when needed. Frankly, you’d need a tank to bring down our max-protection door.”

Craig anticipates that the momentum towards SBD-accredited solutions will not be reversed.

“Secured by Design is fast becoming the go-to standard for the industry and will become common practice. We’re providing a commercial door that ticks all the boxes: it is easy to specify, easy to install and will provide long-lasting results, so you don’t have to worry.

“Our new commercial doors are only the start of our commitment to SBD. AluFoldDirect is now also finalising the arrangements to launch our fully accredited SBD window range also, having successfully undergone the product testing phase.”

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