Emmegi’s popular Compound Cut 9-axis twin head saw has been given a complete redesign and upgrade, with new electronics and advanced safety features added to put it firmly ahead of the competition.

It is now the only fully enclosed and soundproofed 9-axis compound saw available in the UK, with many of the design features familiar to users of Emmegi’s Precision range of twin head saws.

The new Compound Cut has 600mm wide blades which move in two directions. On the horizontal axis, it can cut from 45° inwards to 22°30’ outwards and on the vertical axis it can cut from 0° to 45°. The movement of each blade is controlled via a combination of high precision gear motor and brushless motor with absolute encoder.

For fabricators of curtain walling, the size and scale of the saw and the blade feed on two axes means it can cut profiles up to 525mm high and 225mm wide, with optimal adjustment of both the blade stroke and exit speed.

The 4+4+1 clamp set-up provides for maximum stability to deliver an extremely precise cut. If special cuts are required, users can opt for a system of patented clamp devices which allow for vertical clamping. There is also a roller conveyor on the middle head for standard loading and unloading and pneumatic supports for smooth operation.

Controlled by Emmegi’s user-friendly Emmegisoft software which makes it easy to programme cutting lists, it comes with a 10in touchscreen interface with full colour display.

More details at: https://www.emmegi.com/en/product/twin-head-cutting-off-machines/compound-cut

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