Newly available from sustainable building envelope specialist, Schueco UK Limited, is Schueco Docu Center which enables fast electronic access to Schueco product information from desktop PCs, laptops and mobile devices even where internet access is unstable or non-existent.

Three tailored software solutions ensure that whether in the office, on the shop floor or on-site, all Schueco’s order and fabrication manuals, architectural information, product brochures are available for viewing and downloading at the touch of a button.

Schueco Docu Center offers intuitive operation and includes a powerful search function that saves users time and aggravation. Content can be enlarged steplessly and indexed using bookmarks. PDFs can be opened, printed, sent and saved with comments added where appropriate.

Of particular interest is Docu Center Local, which has been developed for locations where the internet connection is either unstable or entirely absent. It is ideal for shop floor use and is available with a special toughened wide screen monitor with a DVD pre-loaded with pre-configured PDF documents. It supports all PDF functions and includes a SchüCal connection.

The web version of Schueco Docu Center features fast navigation across every content category and allows users to access and read information without the need for it to downloaded which makes data retrieval much faster. It also includes real depiction of pages from manuals.

Schueco Docu Center Mobile contains the same content and offers the same high level of functionality as Docu Center Web, but has been optimised for use with a wide range of smartphones and tablets: it is available in iOS, Android and Windows format.

For further information about Schueco Docu Center and where it may be obtained, email