Few domestic contracts reflect personalising a property quite like this recent installation project, where Framexpress Ltd were contracted to manufacture an energy efficient glazed roof for a porch that would make quite a statement.

The job was quite technically challenging with members providing technical support to the customer throughout the project.   The finished installation incorporates a number of shaped units manufactured with high performance active blue roof glass, for easy maintenance.

Increasingly the company is seeing homeowners prepared to spend surprisingly large sums of money to make individual statements on their properties, whether in foil colours or more dramatic tailored styles such as this particular home.

Whilst spending on a home is generally determined by budget, it would seem that more and more consumers will commit to high specification renovations that allow them to make a real statement.

Ian Davis comments, “The options are forever changing for consumers, but as they do, they are giving them much more scope to add personal touches. Orders for bespoke designs have always been around, however the number of these is notable and growing steadily.”

The product and support services from frameXpress has set a benchmark over the years for consistent quality. The company continues to maintain a strong corporate position with a broad choice of finishes, glazing options and security features that provide total reassurance for customers and consumers alike.

Ian continues, “Our flexibility appears to be placing us in a strong corporate position and the team works tirelessly to ensure that we provide a friendly and flexible service that reflects our high standards.

Likewise for customers, frameXpress has developed strong business relations across the sector and they remain tremendously important to this company.”

Senior management believes that product diversity is supporting customers and helping installers to increase profitability.

The framexpress range of windows, doors and conservatories alongside its diverse options of roofing systems, bifold and Composite doors are all manufactured in-house to exacting industry standards. This diversity and flexible approach to bespoke design is yielding increased profit margins for the company and its customers.

For more information visit the website www.framexpress.co.uk or alternatively call 01952 581100 to discuss project requirements with one of the team.