Pete Manning, National Sales Manager, Roof Assured by Sika, outlines the brand’s development to meet the rise in popularity of single ply and liquid roofing membranes as waterproofing  solutions for domestic and small commercial installations. The changes align with Sika UK’s commitment to protect and waterproof homes and buildings around the world to the highest possible standards.

New membranes for a new generation of installers

To meet the demands of the growing roofing market, we’ve invested in an enhanced range of flat roofing products. Our new portfolio of liquid and single ply membrane waterproofing technologies has been developed and manufactured to meet the needs of customers looking for a range of premium and durable waterproofing solutions from a single trusted source.

Installers benefit from new ways of working

In addition, we’ve now made the range available through selected specialist roofing stockists across the UK. This means that customers benefit from fast and streamlined product availability and excellent customer service from their Roof Assured installers and local stockist. For installers, it’s an ideal opportunity for a new generation of home improvement companies, roofing and glazing contractors to build their businesses by adding the Roof Assured waterproofing membranes to their product portfolio. New installers will have a unique introduction to the brand, supported by product training and local stockist knowledge of roofing and their local communities.  Existing Roof Assured installers will continue to receive great project support and extended product choice but will also benefit from a more agile way of working with their local stockist as their main touchpoint.

Growth opportunities now that flat is back

While flat roofs have for many years suffered from a poor reputation, these new high performance, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing membranes have proved a gamechanger and ‘flat is back’ is now the hot topic for flat roofing solutions. Self-builders and renovators in particular are looking for products that tick all the boxes when it comes to meeting building regulations, high safety performance, and longevity. A flat roof option also gives homeowners the opportunity to be creative and achieve the contemporary ‘keep your eyeline on the skyline’ roofing design that will give their property the ‘Grand Designs’ WOW factor.  It’s all about looks and performance.

Rolling out new membranes

Our new RoofPro range of technologies have been developed to appeal to homeowners but also to give installers a range of premium, low maintenance, flat roofing membranes backed by our training and support to offer customers the highest level of product installation. Only approved and trained installers can buy and install Sika waterproofing roof membranes so this makes an ideal opportunity for current installers to diversify their business and extend their product portfolio with the new technologies.

Pete Manning

Sikaplan RoofPro is a true waterproofing all-rounder. Whatever the roofing application this single ply membrane will provide the all-weather seal. Compatible with virtually all commonly used substrates in new build and refurbishment projects, Sikaplan RoofPro has a life expectancy of more than 35 years and gives homeowners the reassurance that it will protect their roof whatever the weather throws at it.

Sikalastic RoofPro offers a seamless rollout that offers all the benefits of a polyurethane-based liquid membrane, plus ingenious atmospheric moisture cutting technology. Sikalastic RoofPro forms a seamless and watertight surface for roofs.  Guaranteed for up to 20 years the liquid membrane combines durability with a versatile application, making it a high performance, cost effective waterproofing solution for all seasons. For more complex flat roof applications, installers have the flexibility of installing the Sikaplan and Sikalastic membranes together, offering their customers a truly adaptable, high performance and cost-effective roofing solution.

These are exciting times for Roof Assured. The Sika brand is renowned throughout the world for producing excellent waterproofing solutions and so it made sense to build on that reputation and expertise to elevate the Roof Assured brand and broaden the product range to meet a growing demand for premium, quality roofing products for domestic and small commercial projects.

At the same time as expanding and investing in our product range, we’ve introduced a new Roof Assured by Sika distribution package. By making our waterproofing systems available through roofing stockists enables us to extend our reach across the UK and give us tactical and logistical advantages of selling direct to customers.

The new brand demonstrates the company’s willingness to drive growth and build relationships with homeowners, stockists and installers. It now means that we can offer the right roofing solution for every project.

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