EvolveVS Cream VS 21 internal view

Synseal’s Evolve VS is now A-rated as standard, making the industry’s best-loved VS even more appealing to homeowners.

When it comes to sliding sash windows, timber is often the go-to material for homeowners wanting to stay ‘true’ to the style of their property. What they don’t often realise is that authorities in conservation areas are increasingly accepting of PCV-U alternatives to what were traditionally timber products.

Sarah Starkey, Synseal’s very experienced VS sales manager, said: “The standard Evolve VS window, which can be ordered through our fabrication partners, far exceeds the current building regulations by being A-rated as standard.

“Our range of VS frames are designed to prove acceptable in environmentally sensitive locations and properties by offering a finish that is indistinguishable from high quality timber, but which offer market-leading energy rated performance.”

Sarah explained how Evolve VS windows are manufactured to maintain the elegant proportions of traditional sash windows, while incorporating the very best of modern day technology.

“Evolve VS windows enable your customers to enjoy the low maintenance and high security of PVC-U without the problems associated with timber sash windows,” she said.

Evolve VS windows feature tilting upper and lower sashes for ease of cleaning, low line beads and gaskets for improved sight lines, energy efficient glass to reduce heating bills, and they are quality assured for customers’ peace of mind.

“From a terraced house to a stately home, our vertical sliders ensure that every property retains its character and charm,” Sarah said. “The fittings and balances are of the highest quality and will outlast anything else available, whatever the frame material, while being competitively priced and easy to install and set up.”

Synseal’s sliding sash windows have been designed to blend into their surroundings, and boast an array of traditional features, including: sculptured astragal bars; authentic-looking run through sash horns; two sliding sashes; and a choice of high quality hardware.

Fully CE Marked, Evolve VS are available in a range of colours and are guaranteed for 10 years as they are manufactured with the highest quality materials under the strictest quality controls.