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New to the marketplace, Solaris Glass claims to be at the forefront of glass technology, offering superior thermal benefits as well as an extensive option list for installers.

Perhaps the most impressive benefit of Solaris Glass is that it can achieve 80% heat reflection*, with a U-Value of just 1.0!  Making Solaris the best performing glass on the market today!

The Solaris range of conservatory roof glass features, as standard, self-clean technology.  Whilst many types of roof glass simply use an ‘easy clean’ coating, Solaris Glass has the self cleaning technology built in.  The many benefits of which include increased longevity (compared to standard coatings which can wear off over time, and are costly to replace).

  • What’s the difference between easy-clean and self-clean technology?

Over the years, several approaches have been made to fight the build up of dirt on roofs, facades

and windows.   Self-cleaning coatings are improving constantly. Currently, there are two main categories

of self-clean coatings: hydrophobic and  hydrophilic.




These coatings repel water and dirt and prevent water drops from drying on the glass pane and from

leaving ugly water marks and stains. The problem with this type of coating is that most

hydrophobic coatings do not give enough hydrophobicity (contact angle with water > 15 degrees)

for the self-cleaning effect to work.


These coatings are often referred to as easy-clean.




The literal meaning of this is ‘attracting water’, and is the opposite of ‘hydrophobic’ (water-repellent).

Basically, it means water spreads evenly over the surface of the glass to form a thin film that washes

away and dries off quickly without  leaving ‘drying spots’. Hydrophilic – water attracting –

coatings can be photocatalytically active

and break-up organic dirt, which can be washed away by the water-sheeting effect on hydrophilic surfaces.

Hydrophilic coatings are mechanically much more stable, and some would say, much more effective.


Solaris Glass uses hydrophilic self clean technology, as standard.


Take a look at the technical specification, which includes the many options available:

Heat Reflection Solar Factor U-Value Light Transmission True Self Clean Warmedge Argon Glass Filled


Solarius Blue 80% 20% 1.0 27% Yes Yes Yes


78% 22% 1.0 32% Yes Yes Yes
Solaris Neutral 71% 29% 1.0 37% Yes Yes Yes
Solaris Bronze 66% 34% 1.0 42% Yes Yes Yes
Solaris Privacy 57% 43% 1.2 62% Yes Yes Yes
Standard Glazing 24% 76% 1.2 81% No No Yes

Popularity of Solaris Glass is rising fast, and with demand on the increase, it is imperative that anyone interested in the product, act now.  Full marketing support is available, with retail brochures included.

Credit where credit is due

For those of you wondering who is ‘behind’ this amazing new product, you can be rest assured it is a company of long standing within the glass and glazing industry.

Phil Foulgar launched Four Seasons over 13 years ago, originally manufacturing the K2 Conservatory Roof System.  Since then, the Company has grown ten fold and with the assistance and help of fellow Director, Gareth Maseutivus, the Company now offer the Guardian Roof (tiled roof), as well as the Smart Aluminium folding door system.

Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, Phil spotted the opportunity to produce their own glass option, giving customers a wider choice, as well as maintaining the supply of K2 Conservatory Glass options.  Overall, customers now have the flexibility of choice, the credibility of Four Seasons and it’s supplier partners, and a product range which simply covers any installation project you have in mind.

Four Seasons are where they are today because they have kept their eyes and ears open and listened to their customers.

If you want to join in the success, then give them a call today!  Ask for them by name……

For more information telephone 0845 680 9465.  Email:

*using premium glass Solaris Blue