In line with Avantek Machinery’s reputation for world class service and excellent customer support, the company is delighted to announce the launch of its brand new website –

Offering a more updated look and feel, the functionality of the new site is focused on offering a smooth experience for the user whilst showcasing Avantek’s state-of-the-art machinery ranges and providing fabricators with options which are designed to streamline production processes.

Time for Change

Launched just in time for the upcoming FIT Show, the Avantek Machinery website boasts a whole host of changes to benefit customers. Now with faster load speed, easier navigation and intelligent search function, the company’s site is designed with the visitor in mind – and Digital Marketing Manager, Simone Sangha has spearheaded the change.

Simone commented:

“The age-old adage of ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ couldn’t be further from the ethos at Avantek. Part of the Flamstead Group and the NYSE-listed Quanex Building Products, the company has a well-earned reputation of investing in all the right areas of the business – and its digital platform is no different.

“We live in a truly digital age, where customers prefer to do their product research online before they commit to a decision, whether that’s research on the company itself, or on the various machines we offer. With this in mind, Avantek has revamped its site to provide excellent functionality, faster site speed and even intelligent suggestions for alternative machinery options.

“To make it even more accessible for our customers – because we realise not every customer is sitting in an office – the site is, of course, mobile friendly.

What to expect from Avantek’s new website

The first thing we noticed from the new site is just how different it is aesthetically. Modern, dark and industrial, landing on the website the first impression is that this company is ‘cutting edge’. Diving deeper, the new site is much easier to navigate – there are multiple ways to find the machinery that you’re looking for, from a search function to carousels. You can also filter by category, brand or type.

For customers looking for more information about specific machines, the site includes a wide range of in-depth machinery videos, including an extensive video about the brand new URBAN Timberweld® welding and milling machines and process.

Helping the customer

The new website has also had input from new Sales Director Jamie Munday, who said:

“I arrived at Avantek as the project was well underway, and I’m delighted with the results. For the modern sales team it’s important to have a website where customers can easily find the information they need, and the investment in the new site, especially the new machinery videos hosted on it, will be a huge benefit to the sales process. I’ll be able to show customers exactly what to expect from the machine they’re interested in simply by giving them a link to click, which will help by saving them time and giving them accurate information at their fingertips.”

Simone concludes, “This is only the first phase of the release. We’re excited about what is coming later this summer, and we’re sure that our customers will be, too.”

See the new Avantek Machinery site for yourself at and keep your eyes peeled for phase two coming later this year.


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